Trader Joe’s Just Leaked Info on 7 New Items That Are Coming Soon

updated May 30, 2019
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We can’t get enough Trader Joe’s around here, so it probably won’t come as much of a surprise that we’re avid listeners of the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast, too. Just as the name suggests, the podcast includes fun tidbits of info about the store’s philosophy on food waste, why their Two Buck Chuck is so cheap, and why exactly their employees wear Hawaiian shirts.

Tucked at the very end of their most recent episode (#11), were a few nuggets of info straight from the mouths of TJ’s VP of Marketing Product, Matt Sloan, and Marketing Director, Tara Miller, that we couldn’t resist sharing with our fellow TJ’s fans: A new crop of groceries should be popping up in stores later this month. We can hear the bells!

1. Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

For all those avoiding gluten, either by necessity or choice: “Probably sometime in February in our deli case, right near the other pizza dough, we will have gluten-free pizza dough,” says Miller.

2. Organic Cookies

Trader Joe’s stores already have a pretty substantial organic presence, but customers want to see even more organic products on shelves. “We have been hearing from customers about their interest in more organic cookies it turns out, so we have Organic Honey Hedgehogs and Organic Vanilla Wafers probably in February,” says Sloan.

3. Gochujang Chopped Salad

For fans of TJ’s bagged salad kits, there’s another one far along in the pipeline! “We have a new iteration coming up: a gochujang salad that’s made with fermented red chili paste, classic in a lot of Korean cooking. This salad is really tasty,” says Sloan.

4. Neapolitan Joe-Joe’s Ice Cream

“Coming on the success of the heels of last year’s Neapolitan Joe-Joe’s,” Miller says, fans of Neapolitan ice cream and Joe-Joe’s can get excited. TJ’s will soon have Neapolitan Joe-Joe’s ice cream, a glorious mash-up that’s the best of both worlds.

5. Outside-In Gnocchi

Mark our words: This is the next TJ’s frozen item that people are going to line up for. “These have the sauce on the inside of the little puffy, pillow pasta guys. So it’s cheese and tomato sauce inside the gnocchi. They’re ready to go. They look plain but with a little surprise inside for you,” Sloan says.

6. Caprese Ravioli

Continuing with the Italian theme, this fun flavor combo will be a welcome addition to the fresh prepared pasta offerings. “All of those things that make your caprese salad in the summertime so delicious and so crave-able are stuffed inside a really delicious ravioli pasta,” says Miller. Sloan even chimed in with some cooking inspiration: “I’m thinking after you boil these quickly, sort of a little pan searing, a balsamic glaze, and some torn-up basil would be amazing.”

7. Guacamole & Chips Snack Pack

Hummus and pretzel cups are so yesterday. “For snacks this year … for anywhere you might need a snack in your bag for when you get hungry, we have a guacamole and chips snack pack coming. This was inspired by my chips and guac snack pack, which is a full-sized bag of chips and a full Avocado’s Number, so this is just a more sensible version of that,” Sloan jokes.