Trader Joe’s Limoncello Is So Delicious, I’m Keeping a Bottle in My Fridge All Summer Long

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There’s a lot about Italian culture that I really love. After having the privilege of traveling to the beautiful country a few times, there are certain traditions that I decided to incorporate into my own life. Drinking an afternoon espresso or small glasses of wine at dinner, prioritizing walking instead of driving, and spending time in my community are some of them. And, of course, the after-dinner treat of sipping a cold glass of limoncello. But out of all of these traditions, getting my hands on a quality limoncello isn’t the easiest task. Thankfully, Trader Joe’s solved that problem by bringing back their batch of authentic limoncello.

Sold at $10.99 a bottle, you can now grab a bottle of Sicilian limoncello. It’s sold in a traditional slim bottle similar to the bottles of limoncello you would see on the streets of Italy. Simply pop it in the fridge and let it get cold, then serve small shots of limoncello in the traditional way; in shot glasses passed around the table after a big Italian dinner.

Limoncello is a traditional Italian digestif perfect for summer because it is cold, light, and sits well in your stomach. It’s traditionally made with lemons from the Amalfi Coast and bottled by Sicilian producers.

While limoncello is delicious served on its own, you can also make a variety of tasty recipes with it. Limoncello bars use a lemon liquor such as this to give the traditional lemon bar recipe a unique twist. Make a big batch of strawberry and limoncello rosé sangria if you plan on having lots of people over for a party, or keep it small with a limoncello gin cocktail. Or live it up like Ina Garten this summer and serve her favorite boozy dessert.

Trader Joe’s is also leaning into the limoncello love with a limoncello Gouda cheese that you can also buy in stores, which is great for grating on top of dishes like roasted asparagus, or simply served with crackers and paired with a glass of limoncello.