Trader Joe’s Is Making Its Own Instant Ramen Now

(Image credit: Lester Balajadia)

Watch out, Cup Noodle: Trader Joe’s has its own instant ramen now, and it sounds like dorm life is about to get more exciting.

I love instant noodle cups. I remember the first time I saw one in fourth grade, when one of the cool girls in my class brought an instant noodle cup to lunch one day. We all sat around her in a circle, watching as she pulled back the paper lid just halfway, added hot water, and then triumphantly pulled out long strands of soft noodles a minute later. It was like a magic trick. To this day, I can’t make a cup of instant noodles without lifting a forkful of noodles and thinking, “Tada!”

The new Trader Joe’s Ramen Soup was spotted in a store by Instagram user Trader Joe’s Insider, who said the soup comes in two flavors: chicken and miso. In particularly exciting news, the miso version of the soup is vegan. That’s pretty great because there are plenty of chicken and pork instant noodles around, but vegan miso instant noodle soup can be much harder to find.

The best thing about noodle cups is that they can stay in your pantry indefinitely, and these look like they’d be great to have around on a sick day, too. You’d barely have to leave the sofa for five minutes to make it, and with a bit of chili oil or Sriracha, it’d probably clear your sinuses.

What do you think of Trader Joe’s instant ramen soup?