Trader Joe’s Just Came Out with My New Favorite Drink

published Sep 26, 2022
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trader joe's shopping cart
Credit: Lauren Masur

It’s not often that a grocery run causes such a physical reaction within me that I actually jump, but that was before Trader Joe’s started carrying these frozen instant boba kits.

No, your eyes don’t deceive you. You can now pick up your very own instant brown sugar boba milk tea kit from the freezer section at good ol’ TJ’s. When I spotted this kit during a recent grocery run, I literally gasped and slam-dunked it into my cart without missing a beat.

Credit: Mackenzie Filson

What’s So Great About Trader Joe’s Instant Boba Kits?

Milk tea of any variety is my ultimate fall comfort beverage. Iced London Fogs? All day, every day. Sri Lankan milk tea? Keep them coming. Taro boba tea? My hand feels empty without one. Boba tea makes me feel ultra-nostalgic for all my favorite milk tea spots I frequented in college, so now I’m glad that I’m never more than 10 minutes away from my favorite beverage. These kits even include wide boba straws, and are loaded with plenty of chewy mini tapioca pearls so you won’t finish all the boba before you finish your beverage.

In terms of sweetness, this feels like the perfect middle ground between the super-sweet Milk Bar cereal milk and a regular Dunkin’ iced coffee. I used whole milk for mine and it was the perfect vehicle for the caramel-y brown sugar flavor, but I think any unsweetened milk alternative would let the brown sugar flavor truly shine.

Credit: Mackenzie Filson

What’s the Best Way to Use Trader Joe’s Instant Boba Kits?

It’s incredibly simple to mix up the Trader Joe’s boba kit. You can boil the frozen packets, but a quick 30-second zap in the microwave also does the trick. All you have to do is pour the pouch into your glass, add plenty of ice, and your milk of choice.

So now that I have this delicately sweet, yet wildly refreshing milk tea kit in my freezer whenever I want, I feel almost too powerful. On a joint coworking day during a recent work trip, I mixed up a batch of boba for each of my coworkers to sip on during the day. In the moments it took me to get back to my workspace, the group text was already going wild over this milk tea. It was a more-than-resounding vote to make another Trader Joe’s run ASAP to get a whole lot more of these ultra-convenient pouches.

I mean, look at this photo and tell me you don’t feel your thirst being quenched through the screen. See? You can’t deny it.

Find it in stores: Trader Joe’s Instant Boba Kit, $5.49 for 4 (9.2-ounce) pouches

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