The $1 Trader Joe’s Grocery I Always Have in My Fridge (I Buy 6 at a Time!)

published Mar 27, 2024
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When I was pregnant, I craved sweet and sour foods all the time. During the early stages of my pregnancy, I ate Haribo sour gummies or Trader Joe’s sweetened green mangoes for breakfast every day. It wasn’t the most nutritious, for sure, but I just couldn’t stomach omelets, pancakes, waffles, muffins, cereal, or even oatmeal. As the weeks went by, I gradually stopped eating gummy bears and dried fruits (even though I still craved them), and kept myself mindful in choosing nutrient-dense foods instead.

One day I drove to Trader Joe’s and stood across the shelves in the dairy section scanning for items I’d want to eat. My eyes drifted to yogurts, offered in non-fat, low-fat, and Greek yogurt variations, and different flavor combinations and sizes, until I came across the guava passion fruit Greek yogurt. It suddenly piqued my interest and shortly after made its way into my cart.

Credit: Apple Mandy

What’s So Great About Trader Joe’s Guava and Passion Fruit Greek Whole Milk Yogurt?

First, let me say I’m not a huge fan of pre-packaged flavored yogurts. They can be full of added sugars, artificial flavors, and preservatives. I often stick to the plain ones and eat it as is, spoon it onto granola, swirl it through spicy soups, or add it to my baked goods. 

But guava and passion fruit? The unique flavor combo just struck me. Guava is an aromatic fruit and, when ripe, it has a sweet and tangy taste that’s a cross between a pear and a strawberry. Passion fruit, meanwhile, is quite tart and refreshing, with a tropical citrusy flavor. 

When I pulled the lid, the yogurt’s fruity smell immediately transported me to the tropics. It has a pleasant light orange-y pinkish color, and the yogurt looks lusciously thick, dense, and creamy. The texture is smooth and surprisingly not too stiff at all. I blended the sweet guava and tropical passion fruit concentrate for the flavors to expand and add zing in every bite.

Despite the fact that a 150-gram container contains 13 gram (or 3 teaspoons) of added sugar, it still didn’t taste overly sweet. What I like about this yogurt is that the sourness of passion fruit subtly offsets the sweetness of guava. I also like the packaging design, with a tropical-esque color that is pleasing to the eye. With 11 grams of protein (or 22% of the daily value for adults), plus calcium, vitamins, live and active cultures, and probiotics, I stock five or six of these in my fridge at a time.

What’s the Best Way to Eat Guava and Passion Fruit Greek Whole Milk Yogurt?

The flavored yogurt can be enjoyed as is or with a handful of granola. It’s a great grab-and-go breakfast choice — especially when I’m rushing out of the door for my doctor’s appointment or midday snack when I’m too busy to make myself a smoothie. I also enjoyed this flavored yogurt as a dessert after a meal, topped with coconut flakes or chocolate chips. 

There are also other ways to enjoy this yogurt. Browse TikTok and you’ll find some trendy recipes using it as a base for three-ingredient chocolate yogurt clusters or scooped into dragon fruit skin for a fruit-loaded yogurt bowl. However you choose to make it, I’m sure you’ll want it more. 

As I’m halfway through my pregnancy, I still find myself having guava and passion fruit yogurt cravings every now and then. It’s flavorful, perks up my day, and, best of all, it’s also toddler-approved.

Find it in stores: Guava Passion Fruit Greek Whole Milk Yogurt, $0.99 for 5.3 ounces

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