This New Trader Joe’s Find Is the Secret Upgrade to My Thanksgiving Stuffing

published Nov 7, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Masur

I have a confession: I’m kind of a holiday food Scrooge. Long story short, a poorly cooked Tofurky in college led me to a decade of feeling queasy about most holiday foods. But before you throw apples at me or shoo me away with cinnamon brooms, I wasn’t always this way!

To get my Thanksgiving mojo back, I’ve taken more than a couple of culinary liberties with how I make tried-and-true Thanksgiving classics over the years. My best creation thus far? A new-and-improved stuffing inspired by Trader Joe’s French Onion Focaccia.

Credit: Makenzie Filson

What’s So Great About Trader Joe’s French Onion Focaccia Bread?

On a recent TJ’s run, a higher power directed me toward the savory-sweet smell wafting off of their newest French Onion Focaccia Bread. French, onion, focaccia, and bread just happen to be four of my favorite words in the English language, so into the cart it went.

When I got home, I heated the focaccia for a few minutes in the oven and it filled my kitchen with yeasty bakery scents. I took a few bites of the focaccia with butter before inspiration struck.

What Should You Do with Trader Joe’s French Onion Focaccia Bread?

I know stuffing (or “dressing,” as the Southern half of my family will correct me) is very personal, but this focaccia will elevate your regular boxed stuffing routine by about 1000%. The recipe I used is packed with classic seasonings like thyme and sage, and studded with apples and sausage, making it perfect for both sticklers and non-traditionalists alike.

You won’t even have to fight over the crispy edges because each bite is delightfully buttery, caramelized, and perfectly crunchy. The French Onion Focaccia Bread blends right in with all of the traditional fall flavors, but has a rich, concentrated onion flavor that takes stuffing to the next level.

Each package of French Onion Focaccia is lightly scored, so you can easily break off a hunk for ricotta toast or patty melts, or cube some up to dip into fondue or raclette. And it probably won’t surprise you to hear that it makes a pretty bomb leftover Thanksgiving sandwich, too.

Find it in stores: French Onion Focaccia Bread, $4.49 for 15.77 ounces

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