Trader Joe’s Just Brought Back a $3 French Dessert That Shoppers Are Calling “Dangerously Delicious”

published Feb 26, 2024
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Trader Joe's Grocery Store, Cary, North Carolina, USA, May 16, 2022
Credit: refrina/Shutterstock

We all know Trader Joe’s has some of the best desserts money can buy. From the renowned Cinnamon Roll Joe-Joe’s to the brand new Brookie Caramel Candy Clusters and the delicious Raspberry Mousse Cakes, there’s a treat for whatever sugary mood you’re in. Not to mention, all of these come with an inexpensive price tag. 

However, one of the downsides of Trader Joe’s is that products come and go faster than you may be able to drive to your local store. On the bright side, some fan-favorite items tend to make an exciting comeback from time to time. The most recent to land on the shelves once again are the French Chocolate Crepe Wafer Cookies for $2.99 per box, as spotted by Instagram account @traderjoestalia.

Rolled thin crispy wafers are dunked in a rich and creamy milk chocolate for a delicious cookie. Plus, these cookies are made from a supplier in France and they are smaller than you may think, with a serving size of six pieces for 150 calories. Unfortunately, they do contain milk and wheat so they are not suitable for our gluten-free and dairy-free friends.

There is even a Reddit thread dedicated to the treat with updates on when these come around. (They have disappeared and reappeared a handful of times over the past few years.)

“I may or may not have bought 4 boxes of these today,” wrote one Reddit user. “I really like these delicate things but it’s hard not to inhale the whole box,” wrote another commenter.

Another user also noted that sometimes these appear at Costco so you may be able to snag them there as well if you can’t find them at Trader Joe’s. A Trader Joe’s employee did indeed note that these usually disappear quickly so if you’re thinking of stocking up, now would be the time to do it.