Trader Joe’s Just Brought Back Its Famous $8 Kitchen Gem, and People Are Buying 2 at a Time

published Jun 25, 2024
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Credit: Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

There’s always a fun new plant to find at Trader Joe’s. Colorful floral arrangements at incredibly affordable prices, and of course, succulents potted in the most adorable planters you’ve ever seen. Trader Joe’s has decided to bring back a customer favorite planter that has shoppers running to stores. In addition to the flamingo planter, the store is also selling animal-shaped succulent planters right now. 

These planters are shaped like pink flamingos with a variety of different succulents that you can choose from and are sold for $7.99 a pot. The plant sits in the back of the flamingo, with a full flamingo head curled up at the front. 

Shoppers are, of course, super excited about the recent home decor find at Trader Joe’s. “It’s perfect in my ’50s retro pink bathroom,” one shopper writes. “Love them so so much! Mine is so happy out on our back porch!” another writes. “You better run, don’t walk on your lunch break,” a shopper teases.

Succulents make for great low-maintenance plants in your kitchen. They thrive in bright light indoors, with full or partial sun, and can withstand up to around 85 degrees. According to Trader Joe’s, its succulents only require watering about once a week when the soil is dry, making them drought-friendly in case you ever forget to water your little plant when you have a busy week. Place your new flamingo succulent planter on a windowsill in your kitchen or on a counter with partial sunlight, decorating your space with effortless charm and clean air. (Did you know succulents can remove up to 90% of certain toxins in your space within 24 hours?)

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