Trader Joe’s Shoppers Have Mixed Feelings About Their New “Ridiculously Cute” Snack

published May 19, 2023
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Trader Joe's exterior and sign. Trader Joe's is an American privately held chain of specialty grocery stores headquartered in Monrovia, CA.
Credit: Eric Glenn/Shutterstock

When it comes to unique creations, Trader Joe’s is in a league of their own. Whether it be an original creation or their own take on another brand’s product, the creators over at Trader Joe’s seem to have a significant grasp on our collective cravings. This season has already been off to a great start for the quirky grocery chain, with the release of four new snack items being added to their already extensive lineup: S’mores Clusters, Beach Day Gummy Candy, Mini Everything Bagel Sandwich Crackers, and my personal favorite, the Donuts Forever! Donut Shaped Chocolate Truffles

In a recent Instagram post by Natasha Fischer of @traderjoeslist, we get a glimpse at the new snacks, including the beauty of these delicious-looking chocolate truffles. Served up in a pack of six, these mini donut-shaped chocolate truffles are the perfect snack for two people, unless you’re just having one of those days, in which case there is, of course, no judgment here. Weighing in at just under 4 ounces, the newest chocolate truffle snack is an easy pickup that will only cost you $4.49 — a small price to pay for truffley bliss. 

Each package comes with three flavors included: milk chocolate with caramel filling and nonpareils, dark chocolate with chocolate filling, and white chocolate with cinnamon filling and speculoos cookie bits. 

The reviews are still coming in on whether or not these will be a hit, with Natasha pointing out, “IMO they are cuter than they are tasty. Cuteness 10, flavor 6,” while another commenter weighed in saying that “they remind me of the Thanksgiving pie chocolates, super cute but only meh tasting.” 

Nevertheless, I’m excited to try them out for myself, and I’m sure that the chocolate truffle lovers of the world are going to be excited for these, too. Hit up your local Trader Joe’s to see when these treats will be hitting shelves so you can stock up for the season.