This Trader Joe’s Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Feeds 10 People

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It’s a great time to have a sweet tooth. Desserts have been getting more and more attention lately, with restaurants and even grocery stores rolling out a seemingly endless array of increasingly enormous, indulgent desserts meant for sharing. First Cadbury released a “Creme Egg Trifle” that weighs more than a pound and looks like a ramen bowl full of Creme Egg filling. Then Costco upped the ante with a three-pound cookie butter cheesecake. Now Trader Joe’s has thrown its hat in the ring with a giant, deep-dish chocolate chip cookie meant to be eaten warm with a spoon.

(Image credit: Trader Joe’s)

Trader Joe’s new Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie looks downright sane when compared to some of the over-the-top-bonkers creations dreamed up by the likes of Costco and Cadbury, but that’s just going to make people want it more.

It’s basically a big skillet cookie that’s sold in the Trader Joe’s freezer section. Just take it out and heat it in either the microwave or the oven. As soon as it’s done, you’ll have a hot, gooey, homemade-tasting chocolate chip cookie you can eat with a spoon. Trader Joe’s recommends eating it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and who am I to second-guess the experts? If they say ice cream, then ice cream it will be.

The dough is made like Trader Joe’s refrigerated cookie dough, with unbleached flour, real butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and loads of chocolate chunks. There’s also a touch of molasses and sea salt. It also only costs $4.

The deep-dish cookie weighs 16 ounces and Trader Joe’s says it’s big enough to serve 10 people, but even Trader Joe’s doesn’t seem to believe that is going to happen. Ten people? One person sounds more like it. Or maybe two people is the ideal number for sharing this big, hot cookie. Forget Valentine’s Day chocolate — just get a giant warm chocolate chip cookie and two spoons. (And ice cream, obviously.)

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