The Best Thing I’ve Ever Spread on My Toast Is from Trader Joe’s

updated May 1, 2019
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Ever since my dear friend gifted me a bit of her sourdough starter a few months ago, I’ve been telling everyone who will listen about my bread-baking adventures. They’ve been mostly successful so far, and we’ve been eating bread aplenty in my little household, but it wasn’t until last week that this homemade bread really blew my mind.

Oddly enough, this mind-blowing moment was not about the bread — it was about the spread, a new discovery from Trader Joe’s.

That’s right, Trader Joe’s has the best butter I’ve eaten maybe ever — it’s their cultured salted butter.

The Best Salted Butter Money Can Buy

I’d eyed this brick of butter on the shelves awhile back at my local Trader Joe’s when I’d gone to stock up on my usual Kerrygold. I had strong feelings that my usual brand surpassed the rest, so I was in no hurry to make changes. That is, until my colleague Kelli sung the praises of the TJ’s stuff. She’d been swiping it on toast and her bumper supply of CSA radishes all spring and couldn’t get enough.

So when it was time to restock my salted butter for my newest loaf of sourdough, I decided to give it a try.

Friends, this is the best butter I’ve ever tasted stateside. It’s up to par with the stuff I swooned over in France but have never been able to find locally.

Produced in Brittany in the northwest of France, it’s European-style butter at its finest: slightly tangy from the active cultures, incredibly creamy due to slow churning, and flecked with sea salt. Even better, in true Trader Joe’s fashion, it doesn’t break the bank. Any piece of toast, be it from a homemade loaf like mine, a fancy bakery boule, or just something pre-sliced from the grocery store, is instantly transformed. As much as I pledged allegiance to my former brand, I have to admit, I just may never go back.

Have you tried Trader Joe’s cultured salted butter? Or do you have another luxury butter that has won your heart? In a world where bread is cool again, butter is all the more important!