Trader Joe’s Brought Back a “Favorite” $3 Treat That Disappeared Last Year and People Are Buying 2 at a Time

published Mar 17, 2024
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WOODMERE, OH, USA - APRIL 30, 2022: The Trader Joe's store at Eton Center, an upscale shopping area on the eastern outskirts of Cleveland; this Trader Joe's is a standalone store.
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Trader Joe’s has some of the best desserts money can buy, but that’s not to say their other groceries aren’t phenomenal too. Recently, the brand released some new tasty treats like the sweet Raspberry Kringle, the tangy Lemon Animal Crackers, and the delicious Cinnamon Bun Joe-Joe’s. However, one of our favorite desserts from last year unfortunately disappeared from the shelves, as many of them do, but according to a recent Instagram post from @trader_joes_treasure_hunt, the treat is back in stores.

Yes, the rumors are true: Cookies and Crème Pretzel Slims have finally made their way back to the grocer. Crispy, crunchy, salty pretzel slims are covered in a confectionery coating with Joe-Joe’s cookie bits, topped with a dark chocolate drizzle. This is an ideal dessert if you love Oreo cookies — or just swoon at the thought of a sweet and salty combination.

“Omg yesssss!!! My FAVE!” wrote one commenter on the post. “These don’t last long at my house,” wrote another user. 

The dessert first appeared last March, but promptly disappeared just a few weeks later. Hopefully, Trader Joe’s doesn’t pull such a trick again, but just in case they do, you may want to stock up when you see them. While we don’t know the exact price this year, last year, one six-ounce bag was selling for $3.49, so we would imagine the cost would be about the same now.

Unfortunately, these are not gluten-free, but it’s easy to recreate the treat with ingredients that work for you all on your own. Grab your favorite pretzels, melt some white chocolate and combine with crushed Oreo or Joe-Joe’s cookies (both have gluten-free options!), before coating the pretzel in the mixture. Then, drizzle with a little dark chocolate and pop them in the fridge to set. Has snack time ever been this delicious?