If You Spot This “Delicious” $5 Limited-Edition Trader Joe’s Dessert, Grab It

published Oct 29, 2023
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The Woodlands, Texas / USA - July 15th, 2020: Many retail stores continue to struggle during Covid-19 pandemic. Trader Joe’s
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As the holidays quickly approach and we continue to enjoy the beautiful transition of fall weather, finding a good seasonal snack becomes just about as important as knocking off items on your family’s Christmas gift list. Afterall, what would the holiday season be without the treats that keep us in the spirit while all of the chaos of this time of year ensues around us? Thankfully, companies like Trader Joe’s continue to have our collective cravings in mind no matter what time of year it is. And this year it is business as usual for everybody’s favorite neighborhood grocery chain. 

Spotted by Trader Joe’s New and promptly posted to TikTok to be shared with the masses, the latest snack to hit the quirky grocery chain’s elusive shelves comes in the form of a trio of Cinnamon Sugar Toffee squares. Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Sugar Toffee Trio is a 10-ounce bag of cinnamon and sugar covered almond toffee squares featuring three different chocolate coatings: white, milk, and dark; resulting in a smooth taste of chocolate, leading up to a familiar toffee crunch and a buttery richness. Each bag retails for $4.99 and, as per usual with these seasonal releases, will only be available for a limited time. 

“My [significant other] legit inhaled the cinnamon sugar toffee trio the second I bought it,” exclaimed one very surprised shopper. In a post made on the popular Trader Joe’s subreddit, another fan of the chocolate toffee snack admitted to devouring up to one bag per week. “I was a one bag a week-er. Now I’m on two a week,” they continued. “Way too sweet. but I can’t stop! Send help!”

However, for those who don’t have the sweetest tooth, some reviewers said it might be a little overboard. In response to the same Reddit post, one shopper admitted to having a minority opinion on the subject. “I really wanted to like them,” they said, “but they are TOO sweet for me, and I never say that.” The customer continued, “I think my bag had an extra three layers of sugar on each piece.” 

In an entirely separate post made to Reddit regarding the seasonal snack, one shopper described the squares as being “super crunchy,” and claimed that the cinnamon was somewhat overpowering at first, “but got used to it after a few pieces.” 

So if you find yourself intrigued despite the mixed reviews, why not take the plunge and snag a bag on your next TJ’s run? Just $4.99 is definitely a small price to pay for a little bit of experimentation. While it is easy to just listen to the opinion of a bunch of internet strangers, it is nice to make a decision for ourselves every once in a while. A tasty, cinnamon-sugar, chocolatey decision at that.