Is Chocolate Hummus Actually Good? We Tried Aldi’s & Trader Joe’s and Here’s Our Report.

updated Aug 8, 2019
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Credit: Lauren Masur

Dessert hummus has always been a tough sell for me. Why on God’s green earth would I eat chocolate-flavored chickpea purée when I can simply eat Nutella by the spoonful?!

But I was wrong — very, very wrong. There I said it.

After keeping it at arm’s length for so long, I decided to finally give it a chance after I learned that two of my favorite retailers, Trader Joe’s and Aldi, recently started stocking the stuff. Apparently you can run, but you can’t hide from chocolate hummus. I’m so glad it found me.

Here are my honest thoughts on the one grocery item I thought I could never love.

Credit: Lauren Masur

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hummus, $2 for 8 ounces

If I never told you that this luxuriously chocolatey dip was hummus, you probably would be duped into thinking that this was a chocolate-covered strawberry. But it’s a chocolate-chickpea-covered strawberry — and it’s delicious.

Chickpeas are the number one ingredient, followed by sugar, water, cocoa, canola oil, and tahini — all blended into the smoothest consistency imaginable. The Trader Joe’s crew member who helped me told me that, “it’s like the healthiest chocolate pudding you’ve ever had,” and at 50 calories per serving, I kind of agree.

Credit: Lauren Masur

In addition to strawberries, I recommend dunking a few TJ’s banana chips for a 10/10 pairing.

Credit: Lauren Masur

Aldi’s Park Street Deli Brownie Dessert Hummus, $3.50 for 8 ounces

Aldi’s chocolate hummus is brownie-batter-flavored which is why it doesn’t taste exactly like TJ’s but it’s still a surprising win. Right after chickpeas, this hummus contains coconut oil, coconut milk, and vanilla extract, giving it that fresh baked good flavor.

If you’re the kind of person who can’t help but lick the bowl in the middle of brownie baking, this hummus is for you. It’s a bit thicker than TJ’s chocolate hummus, but would still stand up to a banana chip or graham cracker perfectly well.

Credit: Lauren Masur

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m a chocolate hummus convert and I bet you will be too. Just don’t dip baby carrots into it, okay?

What are your thoughts on chocolate hummus?