The Best Ways to Doctor Up Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash Pizza Crust

(Image credit: Lauren Masur)

Butternut squash is really, really good on top of pizza. But what happens when the butternut squash BECOMES the pizza? That’s what I imagine was the lightbulb moment somewhere in a faraway Trader Joe’s HQ conference room, during their company-wide brainstorm for their newest seasonal, alternative pizza crust offering: Butternut squash pizza crust.

I recently gave the crust a try, for research purposes, and concluded that it wasn’t exactly my favorite because I couldn’t get it crispy enough for my liking. SO, in hopes of giving this buzzy new item a second chance, I turned to the wise people of the internet for some ideas on how to zhuzh it up and make it a little less sweet, soggy, and sad. Here are some new ideas that just might fix the problem.

Keep it simple.

This Trader Joe’s fan went with a classic sauce + cheese + pepperoni assembly, and declared it to be better than the store’s cauliflower counterpart.

It’s hard to go wrong with cheese, cherry tomatoes, and oregano.

Pile on the protein.

For this Instagrammer, TJ’s butternut squash crust is the perfect vehicle for hearty barbecue chicken, cheese and sweet potato.

Have leftover rotisserie chicken? Shred it and pile it on!

Everything’s better with bacon. In this case, Canadian bacon.

Load on the veggies.

Brussels sprouts and asparagus make for perfect squash crust toppers.

Did you ever think you could get your daily serving of veggies by having pizza for dinner?

Here’s an idea for a fridge-cleanout pizza… just throw everything on top and hope for the best.

Like we said before, squash on top of squash is a big-time move.

Serve with special sauce.

For some butternut squash inception action, top this crust with TJ’s Autumnal Harvest Alfredo Sauce.

Have you tried this pizza crust yet?