I Tried the New Boozy Dessert at Trader Joe’s That People Won’t Stop Talking About

published Dec 1, 2023
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For as long as I can remember, the holidays have always gone hand in hand with cookies. My mom welcomes in the winter season each year with big batches of chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, peanut butter cookies, and biscotti, so usually I stick to her homemade treats. However, that changed when I learned about Trader Joe’s latest seasonal dessert: Boozy Macarons. Like many of us, I am a huge fan of classic French macarons, so naturally I had to give these new macarons with a twist a try.

Credit: Nina Derwin

‘Tis the Season for Trader Joe’s Boozy Macarons

Armed with the powerful knowledge that a boozy treat awaited me, I headed to Trader Joe’s. Situated amongst the decadent desserts of the store’s frozen food aisle, just beside the standard macarons, were Trader Joe’s seasonal Boozy Macarons. The directions state that you should let them defrost in the refrigerator for four hours before enjoying, so I headed home and found ways to entertain myself until my newly acquired macarons were ready for sampling.

Four hours later, I opened the box. Inside the 5.43-ounce package are 12 mini macarons, four of each flavor: rum, French Brandy XO, and Cointreau. Despite their relatively low alcohol by volume of 5 percent, the scents of rum, brandy, and triple sec liqueur were noticeable immediately. One thing was clear: there is no mistaking these boozy macarons for their non-boozy counterparts.

Credit: Nina Derwin

They’re pretty small, so I tried one of each flavor, and I was surprised by how different they are, not just in taste but in potency. While the rum and brandy varieties tasted like cocktails in dessert form, the Cointreau macaron was a bit more like a normal dessert with just a hint of the liqueur showing through. I will admit that I preferred the Cointreau to the other two flavors, however all three were tasty.

While they are certainly no substitute for real cocktails, these Boozy Macarons are their own super fun treat, which is why they are perfect for grown-up gatherings this holiday season. (Keep in mind that because Trader Joe’s Boozy Macarons contain alcohol, they cannot be purchased or consumed by anyone under the legal drinking age.) Even guests who aren’t frequent drinkers will enjoy a macaron or two, and at only $5.99 each, they’re affordable enough to go around. Trader Joe’s Boozy Macarons are only available for a limited time, so be sure to give them a try before they are gone for the season.