The $4 (Non-Edible) Item that Trader Joe’s Superfans on Reddit Can’t Stop Buying

updated Sep 27, 2019
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If you ask me, to know Trader Joe’s is to love Trader Joe’s. The prices are affordable, the food is delicious, and the frozen section is truly unrivaled (seriously, you have to try the frozen garlic naan). But when it comes to the Trader Joe’s beauty section, it’s easy to forget that it even exists.

As it turns out, there are TJ’s shoppers who swear by the beauty section just as much as the rest of us rave about the freezer section — and these shoppers are passionate. If you peruse Trader Joe’s fan forums, you will quickly find that the store’s affordable, approachable beauty products have more than just a few fans.

Still, though, beauty products can be intimidating — no matter how familiar you are with the store they’re sold in. Luckily, the community behind the Trader Joe’s subreddit has started more than a few threads about which beauty products are worth buying.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, here are the Trader Joe’s beauty products that the store’s superfans recommend the most often.

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The Best Trader Joe’s Beauty Find: Honey Mango Moisturizing Cream Shave, $3.99

The product I saw mentioned on the Trader Joe’s subreddit more than anything else was this honey-mango shaving cream. One Reddit user had this to say about it: “The mango shave cream is my holy grail, desert island product. Nothing compares.” Another user noted that it’s not just their favorite TJs beauty find, but a household staple — their husband loves to use it as well.

8 More Great Beauty & Grooming Products to Buy at Trader Joe’s

Sure, we might not need another reason to throw more stuff in our cart at Trader Joe’s, but if it’s going to save us money in the long-run … why not? Plus, where else can you get free samples of food while buying a new toner or face wash? Exactly.

Credit: Trader Joe's

1. Nourish Antioxidant Facial Serum, $9.99

Another popular product was this facial serum, which a variety of users noted. It also comes with another secret, added beauty bonus. One Redditor wrote, “The antioxidant facial serum feels exactly like a more expensive make up primer. I switched out my Smashbox primer for it (at like 1/3 the cost.) Put it on after moisturizing my face post shower and by the time I’m ready for makeup, it’s ready to go.”

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2. Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask, $3.99

Several TJs superfans noted that they couldn’t live without this particular hair mask. One user says, “I’ll probably never buy another conditioner so long as they keep making this product. My hair is short so I don’t need help with detangling but it’s very bleach-damaged and I use this mask every wash with great results. Seriously, I used to be a haircare fiend who would drop $50+ on deep conditioners and this cheap little tube is the best thing out there.” What more do you even need to know?

Credit: Trader Joe's

3. Rose Water Facial Toner, $3.99

Into rose? Into toners? This little facial spray has a lot of hardcore Trader Joe’s fans singing its praises. Plus, it’s gentle enough to use all day long. A Redditor says, “I use the rose water toner throughout the day to provide a touch of hydration.”

Credit: Trader Joe's

4. Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Serum, $3.99

If you suffer from frizzy or dry hair, this serum might just be your holy grail. A Redditor writes, “Coconut Hair Serum. Someone else mentioned the mask, which is great. The Serum works magic on my hair, keeps it smooth and keeps the frizz tamed.”

Credit: Trader Joe's

5. Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil, $5.99

Multiple people counted themselves as fans of the tea tree cleanser, although one did mention the scent is a little particular if that makes a difference to you. “I love the tea tree face cleanser! Some people think it’s smells weird but I actually like it and the bottle lasts a while,” writes one user on Reddit. If you can’t get to a Trader Joe’s, this one is available on Amazon bundled with cleansing pads for $20.

Credit: Trader Joe's

6. Nourish Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum, $8.99

If you’re looking for lightweight serum, this is the one for you. One of TJ’s biggest beauty superfan notes that they use it on their face and neck before bed, which is a great idea.

Credit: Trader Joe's

7. 100% Organic Argan Oil, $6.99

If you’re looking like an all-natural oil to use on your body or hair, this one is for you. It was mentioned again and again by TJ’s fans as a favorite. One Redditor writes, “I use this in my hair and it makes the frizz go away. I am a huge fan. Plus, it is cold pressed and organic. I also use this when I apply foundation to make it look smooth and glowy. (However, if you buy one and it smells bad return it and get a new one. I bought a bad bottle twice).”

Credit: Trader Joe's

8. Rose Oil Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream, $4.99

This is another holy grail for a lot of Trader Joe’s fans, with a lot of people noting they stockpile this hand cream in case TJ’s ever discontinues the product. Another Redditor writes, “I loved the rose hand cream and should have purchased 10 of them when I last saw it. I spoke to a crew member the other day, and she said it’s not a regular product so I should write to corporate to tell them how much I love it.” If you can’t find this one, look to see what the new scent is. You should be able to find a similar hand cream.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a few of these products on my grocery list now. I sure didn’t need another reason to love going to Trader Joe’s, but, hey, the more, the merrier.

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