The Trader Joe’s Job You Won’t Believe Is Real

updated Jun 24, 2019
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Credit: Jeff Bukowski / Shutterstock

By now it has been established that Trader Joe’s is one of the best places in the country to work. The employees are happy and, perhaps most importantly, paid fairly. And here’s more proof that working at this grocery store is probably a ton of fun: Trader Joe’s actually employs in-house artists to paint murals and design packaging.

A recent Reddit AMA held by a longtime Trader Joe’s employee revealed that while the company does employ designers at its corporate offices to create its collection of greeting cards, most stores also employ a team of in-house artists. These artists paint all the murals, signs, and shelf labels that appear throughout the store.

That means that, as this report from Domino points out, no two Trader Joe’s stores are exactly alike because the artists create signature murals for each one. The artists try to match the decor with the neighborhood, though (for instance, one store in Manhattan is adorned with a rainbow painting of the Statue of Liberty).

You’ve probably also noticed that the lettering on signs and labels around the store are perfect — but the artists who make them never use stencils. One such artist told Domino that each one is painted by hand, which is actually pretty impressive. Sounds like to be an artist at Trader Joe’s you need both a creative spirit and a steady hand.

Although you might not have even known these artists worked for Trader Joe’s, it makes sense that such a position exists at the company. Original artwork just adds to the grocery store’s pleasant, comfortable, and fun atmosphere. Grocery shopping — especially at Trader Joe’s, where the lines are long and the aisles are crowded — is stressful no matter where you go. The extra effort and attention that goes into making sure its stores look nice is part of the reason we keep going back to Trader Joe’s.