Tracy’s Colorful Portland Bungalow Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Who cooks here? Tracy, her husband, and three-year-old
Location: Portland, OR
Owned or rented? Owned
Kitchen size: 90 square feet

What challenge have you overcome in your kitchen? We moved into a bungalow that had been stripped of all its original details and left painted with the flat rental paint that never seems clean. The kitchen’s four doorways made the layout almost unworkable. Lots of cupboards, and a run of counter (dark green mock marble) with no workflow. We had a very small budget and hoped to replace the stove and add a dishwasher! So, my husband and I gutted the space and did all the work ourselves. (continued)

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What challenge have you overcome in your kitchen? (continued)
We camped at Pratt & Larson’s second’s warehouse to scout for handmade tile, bought a second hand range, so that we could afford beautiful custom fir built-ins. Our cabinet maker insisted that 6 drawers would provide plenty of space along with the floor to ceiling shallow pantry tucked into one wall. We refinished the original fir floors and stripped three of the original doorways — the fourth was disappeared to create one solid run of counter. Finally, we adhere to the kitchen tool rule: it has to have more than one function to live in the kitchen. (The toaster is in on a technicality. . . bagels).

What’s the story of your kitchen?
The little butcher block in our kitchen is the touchstone of our house: we gather around it every morning to assemble toast and tea; by midday the block is covered with lunch; and by five one of us is chopping and assembling dinner. It is where we knead bread, where we can in the summer.

What is your favorite meal to cook here?
I love to make dal. Soaking and cleaning the lentils. They cook quickly and so easily! I look forward to digging through the spice drawer to mix and toast the spices. My husband makes wonderful flat bread and we usually serve it with greens.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)