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The $7 Mini Whisk That Every Home Cook Should Own

published Feb 10, 2021
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Someone whisking egg yolks in a bowl.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

I love my mini whisk and I want everyone to know it. For starters, let’s cover its size, for context, so you know how mini a miniature whisk really is. While my favorite mini whisk is just 6 inches long, my go-to balloon whisk by OXO is 11 inches long. So, at nearly half the size, a mini whisk can’t do everything a big ol’ balloon whisk can. For example, it can’t whisk together a saucepan full of caramel or beat a dozen eggs for a casserole. However, its brilliance lies in what it can do.

Credit: Sarah Crowley
Sauces and dips: meet mini whisk.

A mini whisk is the perfect size for beating together a couple of eggs for a personal-sized scramble. It’s ideal for emulsifying vinaigrette and whisking together dips and sauces. It fits into tight spaces a regular-sized whisk can’t, like measuring cups, and can easily reach into the bottoms of small bowls. I also use mine on a regular basis to make hot chocolate, because it’s the perfect size for whisking together a cup of milk and few tablespoons of hot cocoa in a mug. And if you have kids, it’s a great tool for a little kitchen helper to use to mix together dry or wet ingredients.

But you shouldn’t just get any mini whisk: The best, in my professional gear-tester opinion, is the one from Tovolo. It has a broader head than other mini whisks, which means that it’s able to whisk more efficiently than smaller models. It also has an ample amount of wire loops (five total, where as some mini whisks have just three), which allows it to whisk, beat, and emulsify easily. And unlike other itsy-bitsy whisks I’ve seen that have barely-there, uncomfortable handles, the Tovolo’s handle is sizable for its stature. It’s made from smooth stainless steel, which makes it easy and comfortable to hold onto.

Oh, and did I mention it’s just $7? For that price you could buy a single latte — or this supremely helpful, surprisingly small kitchen helper.

Do you have a mini whisk? If so, what do you use it for?