The $12 Secret to Perfectly Scooped Muffins and Cupcakes, Every Time

published Jan 15, 2024
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muffins made in a blender
Credit: Kelli Foster

Throughout my baking adventures, I’ve learned that sticking to a recipe is crucial. Precise measurements are the key to success, and even a smidgen too much of one ingredient can disrupt the entire harmony of your dessert’s flavor (and texture). Admittedly, for someone like myself who prefers to keep things simple, this can pose a bit of a challenge. I’d rather not overthink, especially when it comes to activities in my free time.

If you, like me, prefer to bake muffins and cupcakes without worrying about the details, there’s a tool that makes it easy. Meet the Tovolo Silicone Plunger: a dishwasher-safe baking utensil that effortlessly dispenses the perfect amount of batter into your pan with a simple push of a button. The best part? No messy counters in sight! This gadget seamlessly streamlines the baking process for your favorite treats while keeping your kitchen clean. And unsurprisingly, its garnered over 500 purchases on Amazon in the past month alone, so you know people have their eyes on it.

What Is the Tovolo Silicone Plunger?

Imagine whipping up your favorite cupcakes without the hassle of drips and spills; that’s what this scooper does. It has a curved front that fits right into cupcake tins, so messy countertops are no longer a problem. Quite literally, there will be no more accidental batter spills when transferring it from the bowl to the pan. Plus, there’s a sliding button that effortlessly deposits the perfect spoonful of batter into the tin, making it easy to use. And get this: its rugged Nylon body is dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is a breeze! It’s a true must-have gadget to incorporate into your baking arsenal.

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Rating: 4.1/5

“This little scoop does what it says that it’s supposed to do. I use it for muffins, and once you figure out how much dough you want to use, it slides into a muffin tin without sticking, so you don’t need an extra spoon to clean off the scoop. It makes this procedure go faster. Great little tool.” — Retired Deal Searcher

“This is a good product for ensuring even amounts in each cupcake bin for the batter. However, be careful when cleaning to make sure you get all the batter out of the device!” — Diane

“I love this scooper for putting cookies on a baking tray. It keeps them the same size and doesn’t stick. So easy to use. I have given this as a gift, and my friends love them.” — More Fun

For just $12, you can simplify your entire baking routine with this silicone gadget. Scooping batter has never been easier, and cleaning up afterward is a breeze — straight into the dishwasher, it goes! With this scoop, baking is not only seamless but also more enjoyable. A small investment for a big impact on your kitchen routine, don’t you think?