This “Shatterproof Glassware” Is Worth the Hype — And It’s on Sale

published Jun 29, 2023
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a semi wide shot of 3 glass cups of hugo cocktail with limes and mint in each that's on rustic sandy colored surface; a amber colored bottle pours into the cup closest to the camera
Credit: Photo: Lucy Schaffer; Food Styling: James Park

I am firmly against matching sets of flatware and glassware because I love the look of a cabinet full of pieces clashing in color, shape, and design. My mish-mash of glass and ceramic cups are great for everyday use, but I was lacking a good arsenal of casual cups for drinks when I have people over. 

Specifically, I was on the lookout for something that had to be sturdy enough to stand against my clumsiness and inevitable spills, and versatile enough for water, coffee, cocktails and more. So, when I started to see Tossware flood my social media feeds, I was so curious. 

Credit: Justine Lee

What Is Tossware?

Essentially, Tossware makes shatter-proof “glasses” out of BPA-free plastic. What’s so impressive about Tossware is the breadth and depth of their offerings, which range from different cup sizes, silhouettes, and designs. 

In more broad strokes, Tossware’s drinkware is broken down into three different, sustainably driven categories. POP is a lineup of casual, cheeky cups all upcycled from BPA-free, single-use water bottles. NATURAL is a lineup of compost-friendly single-use cups and plates you can feel good using and disposing of. And finally, RESERVE (which is the collection I tested) is made of what Tossware calls Tritan Copolyester, a heavy-duvy and extra durable BPA-free material. In terms of vibe, RESERVE looks and feels like POP’s cool older sister. 

The neat thing about Tossware is that you’ll get practical, shatter-proof plastic cups that don’t look cheap and offer an elegant drinking experience — whether your drink of choice is a negroni sbagliato or sparkling water. 

Where to Buy Tossware

You can find Tossware directly on its website, as well as Amazon; both have regular sales (including one that’s happening right now for the Fourth of July!). All of Tossware’s products are available for purchase separately, but if you wanted to save some money, the smart move would be to buy them in any of the curated bundles. 

An Honest Review of Tossware

From the jump, what struck me about the Tossware cups was the way they felt in my hands. They felt light, but still had a nice weight to them and the thick plastic was miles away from being flimsy. The chaotic, attention-seeking Leo in me took one of the 10-ounce tumblers and did everything I knew not to do with a traditional glass cup — throwing it against my marble kitchen walls, squeezing it aggressively with my hands, and, of course, by dropping it down a flight of stairs in my apartment. That cup came out the other end with only a few tiny scratches (and with use, these accumulated). Indeed, they were shatterproof.

I quickly realized how useful Tossware’s cups would be for hosting friends, but especially in a more everyday setting if you’re often clumsy, or in the presence of small children. Another solve that Tossware offers comes directly from the way cups stack and interlock securely in place to maximize storage and organization, which is a godsend if you have a kitchen with limited cabinet space like me. 

Here’s what I thought about three separate Tossware glasses after a few months of use. 

Credit: Justine Lee

A Review of the Reserve Stemless Wine Glasses

To test the stemless wine glasses, I first poured red wine in one cup and a non-ABV in another, and I enjoyed how drinking out of the cup felt comfortable yet sophisticated. There’s a thin lining around the rim that helps liquids from spilling over when you tilt your cup from a higher angle as you get down to the last few drops.

The plastic does get cloudy in color after a few drinks, with slight staining bound to happen with pigmented beverages like red wine. But a light rinse with soap and water always returned it back to its clear look. As for how they fared in the dishwasher, the wine glasses emerged very clean and I couldn’t detect any warping or bent plastic. You can’t quite stack these, but I like to push the boundaries with my testing and managed to stack two just so. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re moving around, but don’t worry — the “glasses” won’t break anyway. The Tossware Reserve wine glasses come in this stemless and a stemmed variety.

Credit: Justine Lee

A Review of the Tossware Reserve Tumblers

In addition to clear cups, the Reserve collection offers tumblers in different colors (amber, blush, green, smoke), or you can get a mixed four-pack containing one of each color. For my test, I received a mixed color set of 10-ounce tumbler cups. The tumblers are perfectly straight-sided with slightly rounded bottom edges anchored by a wide-surfaced base to ensure minimal spillage. 

I used them mostly when I drank iced water in an effort to test for any noticeable plastic-like taste and how much condensation the plastic cup would give off. To my delight, everything passed the test. The filtered water I poured in tasted clean, while the presence of many ice cubes inside did not cast a film of condensation around the exterior of the cup. Although I was initially hesitant when I saw how small the tumblers were, I was surprised by the volume of liquid it could hold. Like the stemless wine glasses and Old Fashioned cups, the tumblers cleaned effortlessly and won points for stackability. 

Credit: Jada Wong

A Review of the Reserve Old Fashioned Glasses

I’ve never owned a proper cup for whiskey, so I was curious how I would get on with this particular style of Tossware. I’m happy to report that I love them and have gotten many compliments from guests who were shocked when they realized the cups holding their drinks weren’t in fact made of glass. The cup’s sleek shape and the diamond pattern on the base are sophisticated touches to an otherwise humble glass.

The Kitchn’s Shopping Director, Jada Wong, also loved the Old Fashioned glasses, and uses them most often on a daily basis for water and coffee. “For something made of plastic, it doesn’t look cheap.” These whiskey glasses had an additional amount of heft to them, perhaps attributed to the thicker bottom. All in all, these cups are the ones I’m most excited to pull out when it’s time to entertain.  

How to Care for Tossware Glasses 

These glasses are super durable and will stay that way for a while, but a few care tips will help you get the most out of them. 

  • Avoid excess exposure to the sun or heat.
  • Only place at the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Do not microwave or freeze.