This “Clever” $18 Find Turns Unused Space into Extra Storage (It’s on Sale!)

published Apr 17, 2024
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Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean clearing dust and wiping down counters — it also means straightening up and organizing. The first step is tossing out anything past the expiration date, as well as anything that you don’t use often enough. After you’ve narrowed it down to the necessities, then you should start brainstorming what kind of organizers will be most efficient in your space. Got a messy junk drawer? Grab a plastic bin set. Is it impossible to find items in the back of your fridge? Consider adding something like a rectangular lazy Susan to your cart.

There’s also a way to turn wasted space — the area under your kitchen cabinets — into storage. After testing out a number of options for ourselves, we here at The Kitchn are huge fans of under-shelf storage solutions. We also can’t get enough of Yamazaki, the brand behind some of our favorite home organizers. So when I came across a Yamazaki gem that creates a spice and dish towel rack while taking up zero space, I knew I had to get it on your radar. Especially while the brand’s 15%-off sitewide sale is going on to celebrate its 10th anniversary!

What Is the Tosca Undershelf Organizer?

If you’re looking to free up space in your spice drawer or shelf, look no further than this ingenious find that’s going for half off right now. There’s a good chance you’ve never considered adding under-shelf storage to your tiny kitchen, but trust me — once you learn about it, you won’t be able to click the buy button fast enough. Installation involves simply hooking it onto your cabinet’s lower shelf, as long as it’s about an inch thick. One shopper with cabinets that are a bit thinner came up with a way to make it work: “​​Mine happen to be unusually narrow, so I used a little shim to ensure the tray portion would sit level — there is no question that it is a wiser design to ensure that it is wide enough to be adjusted for your shelf than too narrow to be applicable,” they wrote.

With its 6.6-pound capacity, it can hold anything you want to have within easy reach. It’s perfect for spices, foil, coffee pods, and more. Regardless, the silicone shelf liner will keep items from budging. Further, a nice bonus is the wooden bar underneath, which you can drape your dish towel on or add a few S-hooks to hang mugs or utensils. The wood-and-white-steel body will blend right in with light-colored cabinets, too!

Credit: Yamazaki

What Yamazaki Shoppers Are Saying

Average Rating: 3.8/5

“I love this little spice rack! The tray portion is both deep and wide enough to accommodate any number of incidental kitchen items. I am sure it would be great for spices … I use mine to hold my ceramic pour-over coffee funnel, as well as a tiny mortar and pestle and a little container of salt. The depth of the “hooks” that connect to the shelf above is more than adequate to support any reasonable amount of weight you might place on this. I am sure you could hang ceramic cups or something else off of the wooden rod without risking it coming apart in any way.” — Sean C.

“I’m a big fan of making kitchen ingredients easy to find and use. Spices should stay away from light and heat so I won’t put it ‘inside’ the kitchen, but I love it for making extra space inside the pantry or specialty salts (which are not heat-/light-sensitive.) Well-made! Sturdy! Beautiful!” — Shuna L.

As I’m sure we all know, cabinet and drawer space is valuable in any kitchen, regardless of its size. You’ll appreciate this clever organizer whether you have two cabinets or 10, as it’ll open up a shelf and keep all of your most-used kitchen items readily available. After adding this find to your cart, be sure to check out all of Yamazaki’s discounted kitchen offerings!

Buy: Yamazaki TOSCA Undershelf Organizer, $18 (normally $36)