The Top 5 Super Bowl Recipes People Search for in Every State

updated Jan 30, 2020
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Credit: Lauren Volo

There’s nothing quite like the role that food plays on Super Bowl Sunday. Sure, the game is important (I guess), but since most of the country’s teams have long since been eliminated, it breeds a different kind of competition: one in the kitchen. On the first Sunday in February, everyone in America seems to be scrambling around trying to see how they can out-snack their friends — build the best nachos, sizzle the best steaks, and grill the finest ribs.

And, thanks to Google’s data-diving, we just found out what the most uniquely-searched game-day foods per state have been since 2004. Any guesses?

If you said chicken wings, you’d be close, but not quite dead-on. It turns out these days, people like their Buffalo chicken in the most snackable form of all: dip. Buffalo chicken dip has been the single most-searched food in the time leading up to Super Bowl Sunday for the last 15 years. Good news, we’ve got both the ultimate version and the easiest version right here for you. 

The real lesson from this list from Google is that dips are big: four of the top five dishes on the list are dips — only chili, in third place sneaks on to the list. (We have literal pages and pages of chili tips, tricks, and recipes for you!) Behind Buffalo chicken is seven layer dip in second, a classic of the dip genre — our recipe is here — and in fourth place is the equally classic spinach artichoke dip. The top five rounds out with taco dip, which shares a lot of similarities with seven layer dip — and we’ve got a crossover recipe that is a seven layer taco dip, which basically means it will win the snacking Super Bowl. Alternatively, check out our advice on taco dip: it’s easiest to make in a slow cooker.

Whatever you end up making, the main thing to take from Google’s search information is that if you accidentally search for something with “Superb Owl” instead of “Super Bowl,” you’ll get the same information, but from an adorable cartoon owl with a football-shaped head. Touché, Google.