Top Five Things To Do With Potatoes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Though they have a reputation for being bland and uninteresting, potatoes (of all kinds) are really one of our all-time favorite vegetables. They’re versatile, nutritious, and abundant at farmers’ markets right now…

Here are a few of our favorite things to do with potatoes:

1. Roast them! Roasting concentrates the flavor of potatoes and changes their texture. We’ll often eat roasted potatoes straight off the pan in lieu of dinner, as an appetizer to dip in ketchup or sauce, or as a basic side dish. We also like to turn leftovers into a salad with rice and other veggies. Our post on Oven-Roasted Potatoes has more on this technique.

2. Make gnocci! Making a big batch of potato gnocci can be a fun weekend project. The chewy little dumplings are delicious in a light tomato or cream sauce, and uncooked gnocci freezes very well. Try this recipe for Potato Gnocci from Simply Recipes.

3. Steam them! Cubed or thinly sliced, we like to lightly sauté potatoes in olive oil before covering the pan and letting them steam for a few minutes. If your potatoes are particularly dry, add a splash of broth or water before covering. Once tender, these steamed potatoes can be added to gratins, frittatas, or, yes, turned into mashed potatoes!

4. Make microwaved potato chips! Of course, you can deep-fry them too, but microwaving them to crispiness is our new favorite technique and it so much healthier. Check out our post on Microwaved Potato Chips for the full scoop.

5. Use them in a base for soup or sauce! Potatoes make a hearty base for many of delicious fall soups like Fish Chowder and Ajiaco, but they’re also a key ingredient to many curries. You can puree the mixture for a uniform texture or leave the potatoes as they are for a chunky stew.

And don’t forget, potatoes store incredibly well. You can stock up now and enjoy potatoes all winter long!

This is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potatoes – what’s your favorite way to make potatoes?

(Image: Flickr member cafemama licensed under Creative Commons)