Top Chef: We Have a Winner

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What did you think of the final episode of Top Chef?

Tonight, I was struck by the desserts which are usually the weakest link in reality cooking shows. Bravo has posted simplified recipes for Marcel’s Blini with Kona Coffee Caviar & Hawaiian Chocolate Mousse and Ilan’s Tangelo Soup with Hawaiian Fruit, Surinam Cherry Sorbet & Bay Leaf Fritter (Learn more about the Surinam Cherry here).

Would you deep fry a bay leaf in donut batter to make Ilan’s entry? Create a culinary chemistry set to make Marcel’s coffee caviar?

Spoiler alert: The winner . . . after the jump.

Leadership skills gave Ilan his narrow victory tonight. Ilan is the Top Chef. He came out on top in our own poll too.

Check out the Gothamist’s interview with Marcel. Fans of Sam — check out his great photo and “cheap but solid” dining habits over on Grub Street.


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