Top Chef New York: Restaurant Wars!

Top Chef New York: Restaurant Wars!


We're quite sad this morning over the outcome of last night's Top Chef. It was the Restaurant Wars episode, which we thought went abnormally well compared to other seasons. (Maybe we're biased towards the glittery backdrop of New York City.) But we strongly protest the ending. Do you hear us, Tom and Padma?

Note: We reveal the winner and loser (again, in protest) below...

Getting straight to the point...

1. Radhika absolutely, positively should not have gone home. This isn't even one of those instances where we think, "Well, she wouldn't have won anyway." We think she was a strong contender. She wasn't a leader. She flubbed her front-of-house duties. And she doesn't show a ton of personality. But her food is consistently very good, and we think that should have trumped everything else.

2. We do love Carla, but... Really, we almost turned off the TV before the decision, we were so sure she'd be axed. Her optimism is endearing ("I wasn't happy with what I put out, but I had a good time!") and maybe the malfunctioning freezer wasn't her fault, but still. With her, we can honestly say, "She wouldn't have won anyway."

3. Jeff, why so listless? You're the chef of a restaurant called the DiLido Club in Miami. Show us some heat. He's the most forgettable chef on the show. Halfway interesting dishes, half-hearted enthusiasm. Have you noticed he hasn't won a single challenge?

4. Fabio excels as a host. Shocking. We will say this about Radhika: How she could not have picked Fabio—if only to charm the pants off of the diners—is beyond us. That was the major difference between the teams, and she could have had that in the bag (especially since everyone knew Leah would choose Hosea first).

5. And enough with Leah and Hosea. Their respective significant others should be breaking up with them Or yesterday. And the kissing soundtrack? Ew. This is that last we'll say about that little fling. Back to the cooking.

6. Short ribs! Whaddya know? We've predicted that they're a trend, and they were one of the more delectable-looking dishes we saw.

7. End on a sweet note. Diners gave the Sunset Lounge team higher scores for food, when really we think the other team cooked better dishes. The key? Stefan's desserts. They looked complicated but yummy, definitely interesting, and then there was the extra plate of frozen chocolate lollipops at the end. Who wouldn't love that? He deserved to win. His desserts erased some less successful main courses.

So, were you as outraged as we were? Chime in.

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