Top Chef New York: Hot Dogs and Angry Chefs

Top Chef New York: Hot Dogs and Angry Chefs

Last night on Top Chef, the contestants had to make a hot dog that stood up against New York's finest and then serve lunch at Tom Colicchio's restaurant, Craft. The diners were all rejected applicants who didn't make the show, and holy cow were they a bitter, smug bunch. Whew.

Note: We reveal the winner and loser below...

Seriously. We're sure plenty of genius editing was involved, but these people sounded grade-A obnoxious. But here's what we took away from the episode:

1. Can it be that hard to top a NYC street dog? We've eaten our fair share of hot dogs in this city, although, admittedly, not one of Angelina D'Angelo's (the famous hot dog purveyor who went up against the chefs). But we'd prefer a freshly stuffed sausage most of the time, which is why it was so disappointing that Jill used a store-bought dog to make a summer roll.

2. Radhika made a mark. We weren't sold on her, but her Indian, kebab-style dog looked pretty tasty and she seems very cool under pressure.

3. In fact, they all seem pretty cool. Maybe there's a backlash from last season, where so many of the contestants were arrogant and rude, but this bunch (so far) is unusually nice and humble. There's a little trash talking here and there, but overall they all seem much more mature than last year's group.

4. Hooray for cooking their own dishes. Group challenges where a chef ends up cooking a dish that's not her own idea are no fun. This season seems to be steering away from that. The chefs conceived and cooked their own dishes for the New American lunch menu, and that was a good thing.

5. There was no love for Jeff's mini cornbread things. We didn't catch exactly what they were, served in little cocottes alongside his chicken, but that's because there was no love (or time) for them. Were we the only ones who thought they looked delicious? Maybe they weren't.

6. We're fickle. Last week we loved Eugene. Now we're on to Fabio. So we like a winner. Sue us. But those "spherical" olives that Fabio created, which were like jiggly egg yolks molded under water, were awesome. Plus, he is always so jolly and happy.

7. Ostrich eggs are scary. First, Jill couldn't even crack it. Then, the enormous yolk pouring out of that thing was pretty daunting. Her quiche, according to the judges, tasted like glue- yikes. We think Jill could have fought harder for herself (blame the ostrich!) and Ariane would have been sent home.

What about you? What did you think of last night's episode?

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