Top Chef Las Vegas: Restaurant Wars!

Top Chef Las Vegas: Restaurant Wars!

Joanna Miller
Oct 22, 2009

The always exciting Restaurant Wars episode took on a few new twists in this episode, not the least of which was a focus on sustainable seafood.

Note: We reveal the winner and losers below ...

Restaurant Wars got a bit of an update this season, focusing on sustainability with guest judge Rick Moonen of RM Seafood. We loved that he brought out the seafood watch cards for the chefs to follow as they planned their meal. They didn't seem to have much trouble following the sustainability directive, but they managed to find it in other ways.

Here are our thoughts on the episode:

  1. The blind leading the blind. This episode introduced a new Quickfire Challenge, which we loved. In two teams, the chefs had to create a dish in 40 minutes, each cooking for 10 minutes. BUT, they weren't allowed to discuss the dish beforehand, they were all blindfolded before taking their turn and they weren't allowed to speak at all throughout the process. It was really interesting to see how they interpreted the ingredients and watch it all come together into a single dish.
  2. Worst. Restaurant. Name. Ever. The red team chose REvolt as their restaurant's name. They decided that it doesn't just mean to disgust, it also means an uprising, which they thought was "kinda awesome." Not awesome. Not even kinda.
  3. Relax, relax, relax. Reeeeeeee-lax. Michael V. took his turn going after Robin this week, trying to take over her Pear Pithivier and taking great offense at her use of a particular expletive when telling him to take a hike. This was followed by a brilliant montage of Michael explaining that he's really just a nice guy, interspersed with clips of him yelling and using that exact same word on many occasions. Bryan was clearly displeased with his brother and even refused his share of the prize money in the end, saying he wished Michael would stop getting rewarded for his unprofessional behavior.
  4. No more Pier I disasters. We were glad to see the restaurant decor element taken away from Restaurant Wars. While sometimes entertaining to watch, it took the chefs out of their element and usually resulted in a bit of a mess. Putting them in an established restaurant let them focus their efforts on the food. Now, if they would just bring in a pro to handle front of the house. The chefs who take on this role are always taking a big risk. If their team loses and they didn't nail it, they're very likely to go home as Laurine learned the hard way. We have to think, however, that had someone who'd been more impressive throughout the competition been in her position – say, Jennifer or Kevin – they would have been cut a lot more slack.
  5. What did you think of this week's episode?

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