Top Chef: Episode Two

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Did we all see Top Chef last night on Bravo? In case you missed it, the episode explored the Asian cultures in the Los Angeles area. First up was the quickfire challenge in which the contestants had try their hand at making sushi.

Then for the elimination challenge the contestants were separated into two groups – Team Korea and Team Vietnam – and the object was to create one hot dish and one cold dish to be served at a charity event called Project by Project at the California Science Center, judged by guest Ming Tsi, owner of Blue Ginger.

Team Vietnam served pork pho with carrot vermicelli and a cold watermellon rind spring roll. They even had time to whip up a third dish – a cucumber aloe refresher drink with ginger. Team Korea served braised pork over sticky rice with kimchi and for dessert, a jasmine tea custard with pink tapoioca and candied taro chips.

What do we all think about the winners, the losers and the lychee scandal? Is it too early to pick the final three? Who shouldn’t even be there?