Top Chef Puerto Rico: Finale, Part 1

Top Chef Puerto Rico: Finale, Part 1


Bienvenidos a Puerto Rico! We hope you like pork and controversy, because that's what we've got on the menu today. Read on to see who was kicked off the island...

Oh, Bravo, yanking our chains like that. Making us think that Lisa was the guaranteed loser. For heaven's sake, the text message vote that they took during the commercial had 91 percent of the audience thinking Lisa would go home.

And yet... It was Antonia. We're so sad! The criticism of her dishes (yes, we'll get to the dishes) was that her peas were undercooked and she didn't plate her dishes separately. While Lisa's food seemed to taste bad and have odd flavor combinations. That seems like a no-brainer to us. We gasped, loudly, when Antonia was told to pack her knives. We didn't think she'd win, but we were really looking forward to seeing her in the finale. At least she has a new restaurant to go home to?

So, the food. We'll skip right to the elimination challenge, in which each chef was given a whole pig to butcher and use as he or she pleased. The shock value of watching the chefs hammer through a pig carcass made for good TV, we suppose, but having pork be the main ingredient in every single dish was a little repetitive. After a while, all of the dishes started to look the same. And we're pretty sure we dreamed about pork belly last night.

All in all, it wasn't a challenge worthy of the finale, in our opinion. Stephanie's salad with crispy pork was lovely in its simplicity — and extra impressive considering it was a last-minute replacement for the pork that Dale (her sous chef) forgot to refrigerate overnight.

Richard won, but our eyes were so glazed over by pork dish after pork dish that we can't even remember anything specific about his food. He did, however, win a car. Which prompted us to wonder how one gets a car home from Puerto Rico.

Another question: Did anyone else have a hard time telling guest judge Wilo Bennet and Tom Colicchio apart?

So, we have Richard, Stephanie, and Lisa in the finals. Lisa didn't do anything to improve her image by angrily calling out Richard and Stephanie at the end for not congratulating her.

OK, fellow viewers: Were you as surprised as we were? Are you mad? Experiencing a strange aversion to pork products? Let us know!

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