Top Chef Chicago: Do You Like Burritos?

Top Chef Chicago: Do You Like Burritos?

Oh, the Richard Blais charm got annoying all right. He asked every Chicago police officer who came by his lunch table, "Question of the day. Do you like burritos?"

But at least he wasn't bickering or arguing with the judges or his fellow contestants. We almost felt uncomfortable watching last night's episode. Can't we just all get along?

Note: We reveal the winner and loser after the jump.

There were accusations of sabotage, actual sabotage by Spike in Whole Foods, denials of sabotage... It makes us want to jump straight to the finals, where (we hope, but who knows) we'll be rid of Spike and the sulking Lisa.

But back to the food. We liked both of these challenges, actually. The quickfire had them "bringing sexy back" to the salad, which is always appreciated, and while Spike's beef salad won, we would have preferred Antonia's mushrooms with a poached egg on top. Antonia continues to impress us with her simple, beautiful, heartwarming dishes. Anyone else?

In the elimination challenge, chefs were required to make boxed lunches for the Chicago Police Academy that were healthy and included a protein, whole grain, fruit, and vegetable. Again, we love seeing experienced cooks create good-for-you food that is still flavorful and sophisticated. Which is why Spike's chicken salad looked so sad and predictable. Plus, olives and grapes together sounded pretty unappetizing.

Our vote was for Stephanie. She made soup! Such a good idea! We didn't feel she got enough credit for doing something different and un-sandwich-like. We still feel like she keeps cooking things that aren't the norm for her (she mentioned not having experience with a lot of whole grains), so when she finally does, we think it'll be exciting.

Dale won with an Asian bison lettuce wrap, which we did think was creative without being kitschy. As for the loser, couldn't they send Andrew and Lisa home? Please? Her reheated shrimp looked grey and awful on our TV screen. And his salmon sushi just completely missed the mark. Seafood in boxed lunches is clearly not a good idea.

As for the arrogance and anger, we're fed up.

What about you? Are you as engaged with these contestants as in seasons past? Who do you think will be eliminated next?

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