Top Chef All Stars: How NOT to Host a Dinner Party

updated May 11, 2022
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Top Chef Las Vegas took a break this week, but we got to see a few all stars from past seasons reunite for a dinner party. With fan-favorite Fabio Viviani as the evening’s host, there was plenty of drama for the cameras. Of course, had it been a real dinner party, it would have been a complete disaster.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The bright spot of the dinner party? Carla! It may have taken us a while to warm up to her in season 5, but now we can’t get enough. The rest of the party, however, was a lesson in what not to do when you host your next dinner:

  1. Don’t invite the guy with no sense of humor who always gets angry. Yeah, we’re talking about you, Marcel. Some of his fellow all stars stood up for Marcel, saying he was the victim of selective editing and was unfairly portrayed as a bad guy. Apparently, those evil editors were hard at work once again, making him look like an arrogant, defensive jerk at the dinner party. They even managed to make it look like he cut in front of an older woman at the butcher counter who protested, “I was next here!” And they aired a never-before-seen clip of him yelling at the judges in the season 5 finale, when he wasn’t even being judged. They just won’t let up on this poor guy!
  2. Don’t try to start arguments among your guests. OK, this was obviously the point of the whole all stars dinner party, but it was still a little awkward. We loved that Carla wasn’t having any part of that nonsense and quickly squashed any speculation that she harbored resentment toward Casey for her loss in the finals. Hootie-Hoo!
  3. Don’t blow up at your guests, no matter how obnoxious they are. At one point in the dinner, Fabio instructed the cameras to stop rolling (of course they didn’t) and told his fellow chefs that if they didn’t want to be grilled about past incidents, they should really stop showing up to these reunion shows.
  4. Don’t take on more than you can handle. The season 3 team of Dale, Casey and Hung decided to do a trio of seafood dishes for the first course instead of just one. Sigh. Dale’s, in particular, was half-jokingly called a “trainwreck.” Well, there’s always the next reunion.

Did you watch the reunion dinner? What did you think?

Top Chef Las Vegas returns next week and we’ll be back with more recaps.

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