Top 5 Beers We Hate to Love Beer Sessions

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Or is it that we love to hate them? In either case, in honor of all the students heading back to campus this week, we thought we’d pay homage to the pop-top beers and cheap tall boys that we called our favorites back when we were the college students – and, yes, beers that we still sometimes drink today!

* Before we get into it, we just want to tack on a little disclaimer that neither this post nor the beers listed here are in any way an endorsement of underage drinking or binge drinking. We believe that college students (of drinking age!) have just as much right to relax with a cold beer after a long day of classes as the rest of us, just as it is up to each of us to decide what constitutes responsible drinking. Now back to the post!

This list contains some of the first beers we remember drinking and actually enjoying. Maybe we still enjoy them today just because they were the first – the same way mac n’ cheese will always comfort and chocolate chip cookies always hit the spot.

1. Pabst Blue Ribbon – Sure, it basically tastes like water, but particularly sweet and smooth water!

2. Miller High Life – Truly the champagne of beers, this is still the beer we turn to when we just want something easy to drink on a Friday night.

3. Corona – We admit that it was the fun of poking that lime garnish down into the neck that originally hooked us on this beer, but it’s still our top choice for eating with Mexican food!

4. Pacifico – This beer is very much like Corona, but with a slightly deeper and more malty flavor.

5. Red Stripe – In college, we loved its stubby bottle (we were suckers for looks and gimmicks, apparently!), but this beer really hits the spot on hot, humid afternoons. It’s fantastic when served very very cold.

Your turn! What beers do you hate to love?

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