5 Kitchen Tools That Make Slicing, Chopping, and Cutting Feel a Million Times Safer

published Oct 15, 2021
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Let’s face it: Knives and other sharp cooking tools can be intimidating to handle, especially if you’re a beginner in the kitchen (and especially if you’ve had an onion-chopping accident in the past that has left you scarred, either physically, emotionally, or both). However, because many recipes require slicing to some degree, it’s probably a good idea to face your culinary fears and find a way to cut ingredients up a little easier and more safely.

Whether you’re a novice, a seasoned home cook, or adapting your kitchen to your motor issue needs, safety is for all skill levels. If you’re looking to boost your confidence in the kitchen and spare yourself a visit to the emergency room, here are five tools to help you slice better and feel more at ease while doing so.

1. Food processor

A food processor takes all the chop work out of the equation, which in turn simplifies meal prep and saves you time. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend big bucks for your new favorite kitchen workhorse. This highly rated Kitchenaid chopper helps you make guac to hummus with the push of a button, and comes in at under $60. 

If you’re interested in a manual food processor, this Chen’n VeggiChopper does the trick. It also doubles as a storage container, which is always an added bonus. It’s under $20, and its small size makes it easy to store. 

Food processors aren’t goof-proof, however. It’s good to be be extremely cautious when removing the blades from the reservoir or bowl, as you can do a gnarly number on your fingers if you even graze the blades.

2. Cutting gloves

According to Apartment Therapy contributor Lindsay Adams, these cut-resistant gloves from Dowellife are a literal “game changer.” Available in multiple sizes (and good for lefties and righties alike), these cutting gloves protect keep your hands cut-free. Oh, and they’re under $10 on Amazon, which is total steal. Use these whenever you’re handling a sharp cooking tool, be it a chef’s knife or mandolin.

3. Mandolin finger guards

Mandolins are extremely effective because they are really sharp. Keep your hands from slipping when using a mandolin by investing in this under-$10 safety holder from Kitchen + Home, which you can also use with a grater. It adds extra stability when slicing, making your job quicker, easier, and way more precise. It’s versatile, too, so it fits any size fruit, veggie, meat, or cheese.

4. Knife sharpener

Despite what your instincts may tell you, the sharper the knife, the safer it is. Because a dull knife needs more pressure to get the job done, there is a higher likelihood of it slipping in use due to the pressure you’d need to apply for a clean cut. As such, keep all your kitchen knives sharp and easy to use. This three-step knife sharpener from KITCHELLENCE makes this possible. Each slot has a different role: the first repairs, the second sharpens, and the third polishes. It also comes with a cut-resistant glove to make the sharpening process even safer. It’s safe for right-handed and left-handed folks, too.

5. A wooden cutting block

Lastly, investing in a sturdy wood cutting block helps keep everything stable, protects your countertop, and lessens your chance of losing your grip. (It also adds a rustic vibe to your kitchen that will absolutely make you feel like a real chef). Wooden cutting blocks are durable and easy to maintain, making ones like this maple version from Boardsmith the ultimate investment piece.

This post originally ran on Apartment Therapy. See it there: 5 Kitchen Tools That Help Make Slicing, Chopping, and Cutting Feel Safer