9 Tools You Need for Easier Spring Cleaning, According to Professional Cleaners

published Mar 25, 2022
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Sometimes I need a little *motivation* to tackle big projects and chores. (See: the tub of date and walnut ice cream that’s waiting for me in the freezer.) As the monumental event known as spring cleaning approaches, I’ve been feeling very lackluster about it — it’s been a long winter. However, if there’s one thing that will always encourage me to take action, it’s a shiny new cleaning tool!

What better way to start cleaning than with a total refresh of my tools and products? Surely, a brand-new vacuum and scrubber would put a little pep in my step (and shine in my sink). To get the best advice, I turned to three cleaning pros, who were eager to share their top tools.

1. Dyson V15 Detect Vacuum

I am an unapologetic vacuum nerd, so I was eager to get Lori Williamson’s pick. Williamson is the social media star behind @nowitsclean on TikTok and Instagram, with her own Amazon Live show. “It has a laser that highlights particles of dirt, so you can focus on getting a deeper clean,” she says of the Dyson V15. Sounds tech-y and awesome. Also sounds like the sort of thing that could trigger a four-hour Friday night binge-cleaning session.

2. Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

A HEPA filter is a must-have vacuum accessory for allergy sufferers. It’s especially helpful during spring cleaning, when allergens abound and lots of dust gets stirred up. Sharon Galindo, the owner of Next Level Cleaning, likes the Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum for this reason. “It comes close to our professional vacuums,” she says.

3. O-Cedar EasyWring Mop

Williamson has nothing but praise for this inexpensive mop. “You can use it to clean your walls, doors, cupboards, and baseboards. Just buy multiple mop heads and label them so you know which area cleans which.” Any advice for first-time moppers? “The key is to keep your solution simple, and wring out the mop about 10 to 15 times for a great finish,” she says. 

4. Swiffer Duster

When warmer weather arrives, Galindo says we tend to fling open the windows with abandon. While it’s nice to appreciate a literal breath of fresh air, it can also invite plenty of pollen and allergens. It can also stir up any lingering particles. She keeps a Swiffer duster close by at all times during spring cleaning.

5. OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber

“If your bathroom shower and tub need a good scrubbing, then pick up a tile and tub scrubber,” says Williamson. “With this tool, you no longer have to reach and bend to get to all the hard-to-reach places. Plus, your tiles and tub will sparkle.” Try it on your kitchen backsplash, too.

6. Libman Scrub Brush

When it comes to grimy, dull grout, nothing performs better than this basic brush set, says Ludmilla Xavier, the owner of Blue and Green Cleaning. It’s also fantastic at spot cleaning a carpet, she adds.

7. Brush Kit Drill Attachment

If, by chance, your tiles are still a little murky after the initial clean, Williamson has an unconventional idea. “Consider getting a brush kit attachment for a drill and scrub away stains effortlessly.”

8. Elbow-Length Gloves

So simple and yet so crucial: high-quality gloves. “Get a few pairs, so you can use them in designated areas,” explains Williamson. “For example, a pair for the bathroom, and another for the kitchen.” She also notes that it’s important to sanitize the gloves after each use.

9. A Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are a must for a truly deep clean, and they’re more affordable than you may think. Williamson recommends either the McCulloch Steamer or the Bissell SteamShot, depending on your budget and storage space. A steam cleaner works by using ultra-hot, powerful steam to blast away dirt and grime (you’ll have to wipe it away with a sponge or towel to finish the job.) “These come in handy all over, from your appliances to grout.” And as a bonus, Williamson notes, “It’s a great alternative to using harsh chemicals and works well if you have pets or kids in the home.”

Which cleaning tools do you rely on for spring cleaning? Tell us in the comments below.