Too-Sweet Cereal? Try This Healthy Tip

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I love cereal. I sometimes eat it for dinner…and lunch (but not all on the same day, come on!). However, I can’t stand the super sweet stuff. Masquerading as health food, those sweet clumps of granola will do me in after a few bites. But unsweetened cereal isn’t quite right, either. What to do? Make my own blend!

Maybe you can relate. I like a touch of sweetness in my cereal, but also some good old healthy bran or shredded wheat. So-called low sugar cereals tend to be sweetened with other, sometimes even sweeter, substitutes. The true low sugar varieties can be bland and unexciting. Faced with a box of the sweet stuff but trying to cut back on sugar? Do what I do and make your own cereal blend. I start with a layer of straight up bran flakes, unsweetened, unexciting. I layer on a bit of shredded wheat and then I top with a bit of the sweet, crunchy granola. The result cuts back on sugar but doesn’t compromise on taste or texture. Plus, buying the simple bottom shelf brands helps keep costs down, too.

How do you tackle too-sweet cereal?

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