Too Soon to Make This? Strawberry Pie

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Who’s got local strawberries? Anyone? We heard there were strawberries at the Union Square Greenmarket last weekend but weren’t there to see them. If you’ve got strawberries, please make this pie and find a way to mail us a slice…

We found this Fresh Strawberry Pie with Whipped Cream browsing the Gourmet website (the recipe is also in the June issue) and it reminded us of a strawberry pie we used to make as kids — no creamy filling, no artificial flavors, just big mouthfuls of fresh fruit and a simple cookie crust.

The filling has gelatin to hold it together, but the recipe description claims it’s not “bouncy” like Jell-O, just firm enough to slice. The rest of the recipe is so easy, just as summer desserts should be.

We’re going to investigate the family recipe we remember from years ago… and be on the lookout for strawberries at the market.

Anyone else have good, easy, strawberry pie recipes?