Too Pretty To Eat? Crudité Edible Centerpiece

(Image credit: The Kitchn)

When we talk about using vegetables in decorative centerpiece, readers protest. It’s so wasteful! Why throw away perfectly good food on a decoration? We tend to agree, but vegetables are so pretty it also feels wasteful not to put them on display once in a while. So have it both ways with this crudité centerpiece from Martha Stewart.

This is such a ridiculously cute idea it feels a little precious. I mean, look at that tray of perfectly arrayed vegetables, popping up as if out of the garden bed itself. Gorgeous, over the top, and slightly overwrought. Only Martha, right?

And yet it’s a great idea, too — especially with those individual dishes of dip by each plate. Really hard to resist, especially in springtime, when those brilliant tiny vegetables are appearing in the garden, and you want enjoy them as long as possible.

Beautiful, and edible — you really can’t beat that combination!

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(Image: Martha Stewart)