Weekend Meditation

Too Hot to Eat, Cook or Think

published Jun 17, 2012
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I live near a foggy bay where it’s fairly cool most of the time. This has made me into a bit of a lightweight because on the rare occasion when the temperatures rise above 87 degrees, I become impossibly helpless. My mind goes soft and unfocused, and my only kitchen activity involves standing in front of the open refrigerator “looking for something to eat.” And then closing the door when I begin to feel guilty for wasting energy. This has been happening for the past few days and I’m getting rather restless about it. I used to be made of sterner stuff, I tell you!

I grew up and lived a good portion of my adult life in a place where the summers could produce temperatures into the high 90s and even spike over 100 on occasion. On the hottest days of summer, my mother used to serve a dinner consisting of cottage cheese and canned peach halves scooped onto iceberg lettuce, with buttered cinnamon toast on the side. It was one of my favorite things to eat. Once she forgot to listen to the weather report and served her family a nice, big pot roast dinner when it was 95 degrees at 6:00 pm. This was a situation so misfortunate that it has been forever burned into my memory. Hot weather turns me into a vegetarian. Which, of course, isn’t a bad thing to be now and then.

This brings us to today, where you can find me wandering around my apartment, shades drawn against the relentless sunbeams, a raw, finger-sized carrot clutched in one hand. The sunbeams have managed to steal my brain, however, leaving me with little to say and no energy in which to say it. I need some help here, folks. What do you do on impossibly hot days, besides avoiding pot roast? How do you write a food blog, or anything else for that matter, when the only thing you can manage is to sprawl listlessly on the couch, praying that someone will bring you a dish full of cottage cheese and peaches?

(Image: Dana Velden)