Tomato of the Day: Purple Bumblebee

(Image credit: Lucy Hewett)

Purple bumblebees are slightly larger than cherry tomatoes—crimson-fleshed, they are zigzagged with green and purple.

Purple bumblebees have a deep, complex flavor, and are hardy growers. They’re the ideal farmer’s market tomato thanks to their long growing season, crack-resistant fruits, and striking coloring.

Use Purple Bumblebees wherever you would use cherry tomatoes. Simple preparations are best, so that the appearance and texture of the fruit can shine through. Use them with other tomatoes in this salad. Or try them in a cocktail! This version of a Bloody Mary lets the tomatoes take center stage.

All featured tomatoes come from Tomato Mountain Farm. Tomato Mountain is a certified organic farm in Brooklyn, Wisconsin. In addition to growing tomatoes, the 12-acre farm runs a home-delivery CSA to Chicago-area residents for 42 weeks of the year.