Tom Hanks Revealed What His Ideal “Last Meal” Would Be — And No, His “Diet Cokagne” Drink Isn’t Included

published Jan 27, 2023
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JANUARY 09: Tom Hanks and Smeagol the cat attend the "A Man Called Otto" New York Screening at Dot Dash Meredith on January 09, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)
Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

If you find yourself wanting to know everything about your favorite celebrity, you’re not alone. From their new product launches to how they design their homes, knowing certain things about the celebs you enjoy makes you feel a little more connected to them and shows that — though living in the limelight — they’re more similar to us than we thought. And for fans of Tom Hanks, the similarities are rolling in heavy.

In a recent appearance on Mythical Kitchen’s Last Meal series on YouTube, the Forest Gump actor detailed what he’d request for his last meal and it included the sought-after cake that Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise sends to his celebrity friends every year.

With the means to enjoy the world’s finest cuisine though, one may expect lavish options to be the centerpiece of Hollywood’s nicest guy’s last meal request, right? Well, not so much. According to Hanks, his last meal — which will borrow from all three meals of the day — isn’t as fancy as one would think.

To kick things off, the Elvis star revealed that he would request French toast made of challah bread topped with Cary’s sugar-free syrup. The follow-up? The savory flavor of an In-N-Out Double-Double burger. Next, the superstar told the host, Mythical Chef Josh, that the joy of Mediterranean cuisine featuring an avocado-topped Greek salad along with pita bread and taramasalata would be his next option, while an order of crispy calamari and the Taste of History platter from the famous restaurant El Cholo would round out his entrees. And as for that white chocolate-filled Coconut Bundt Cake from Doan’s Bakery he receives from Tom Cruise every Christmas? He’d take a slice or two of that for dessert.

If you’ve been following Tom Hanks lately, then you know he’s all about his Diet Coke, so it should come as no surprise that he said he would request that to wash it all down, but he threw in a Dr Pepper too for good measure. Shockingly, however, he opted not to demand his signature two-ingredient “Diet Cokagne” drink that consists of Diet Coke and champagne. But with a tasty, wide-ranging list like this, I, too, could find satisfaction and satiety in such a grand last meal. 

You can watch the full video below.