Tom Hanks Introduced a “Refreshing” New 2-Ingredient Cocktail, and He Thinks You’ll Love It Too

published Jan 13, 2023
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UNE 05: Tom Hanks attends the Sydney premiere of ELVIS at the State Theatre on June 05, 2022 in Sydney, Australia.
Credit: Brendon Thorne / Stringer / Getty Images

Stand aside, Lindsay Lohan: “Pilk” — aka the milk-Pepsi combo that shocked the world (although, let’s face it, Laverne did it first in the ’70s) — has some competition.

As a recent guest of Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Oscar winner Tom Hanks not only reminded us why he’s won our hearts for more than 30 years (hello, warm smiles, humor, and charm), but he also gave us a new beverage to try: “Diet Cokagne.” The concoction of Diet Coke with a splash of Champagne was quick to dazzle the taste buds of skeptical host Colbert.

Colbert was all ears as Hanks set the stage for the invention: a family holiday visit to Café Carlyle in New York City. Explaining that he’s not much of a big drinker, Hanks noted that he usually has a Diet Coke to sip on throughout the night. But when the celebratory bottle of Champagne passed by him that night, things changed a little.

“We had a celebratory bottle of Champagne brought by … they brought the nice flutes,” he said. “It was like the last episode of The Bachelor, pouring all this stuff around, and I just had this Diet Coke. And I said, ‘Oh, give me a shot of champagne in there, for crying out loud.'”

Despite his dinner companions feigning shock at the unusual mixture, he shared that he actually found the drink delicious.

Of course, Colbert had to try it for himself, so he pulled out two glasses, a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne, and a can of Diet Coke. After indulging in his first sip, he mouthed a “wow” at Hanks, calling the drink, “strangely, strikingly, shamefully good because it’s so refreshing.”

“We already have the Tom Collins. Now we have the Tom Hanks,” Colbert joked.

Check out the segment below and if you want to try more Champagne cocktails, this classic recipe is one you need to have handy.