This Sturdy, Customizable Organizer Was Easy to Install and Cleared Up My Junk Drawer for Good

published Oct 8, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

It’s so easy for a perfectly clean drawer to become a junk drawer without even realizing it. Before long, you’re left wondering how this-and-that ended up there, and wind up promising yourself that you’ll empty it out soon. (Or at the very least, get it organized.) I’m good at separating specific items in my junk drawer, but after opening and closing it for awhile, things tend to shift around quite a bit. I have a few drawer bins, but even those turn into mini junk boxes! I needed to try something new. Enter: this sleek modular organizer from Toko Design. It divides drawers into sections with minimal materials so there’s no extra clutter.

There are a variety of ways to customize the Toko organizer as you shop. Once drawer measurements have been set in their online designing tool, you simply pick a layout. The design page allows shoppers to adjust the dividers right on the website so you can fully visualize what the drawer will look like after installation. Depending on the layout, a knife block, spice rack, or utensil trays can be incorporated. The designing tool is so smooth and easy to use! I really enjoyed experimenting with different designs since it gave me a clear idea of how I would want to organize my drawer once all the pieces arrived. 

I wasn’t expecting the Toko organizer parts to be flimsy, but I was still surprised by how high-quality they were! The rails are made from architectural steel and come in either black or white, and the dividers are made of bamboo. The rails are strong and have a solid weight to them, so you can feel confident that they won’t bend during installation. The dividers aren’t overly thick or thin, either. When all the pieces are put together, the organizer looks just as good in real life as it does online!

Precision is key when it comes to this particular organizer. The dividers rely on the stability of the rails in order to stay in place. Be sure to follow the measurement guidelines on the website closely. There is some wiggle room as the tips of the rails can screw and unscrew to tighten in the drawer, but you can’t be too far off. For instance, an organizer with 19-inch rails won’t fit into a drawer with a 21-inch depth. Nor will 18-inch rails squeeze into drawers that are 17 inches deep — I learned that the hard way. Fortunately, the rails can fit drawers that are 18 inches to 21 inches front to back as long as they’re at least 2.5 inches tall.

Credit: Toko

In terms of hardware, the Toko organizer needs none to install, making it super renter-friendly! One thing to remember is that the organizer is tailored exactly to the drawer it was customized for in the beginning. If you move and don’t have drawers of the same (or very similar) depth, there’s a chance the organizer will no longer fit properly. I personally hope to see adjustable rails someday, which would be super convenient for those on the move who want to be able to use the same parts in different drawers. You can, however, order individual pieces in case you need rails of a shorter or longer length. Another fun addition, especially for non-kitchen drawers, are boxes! They’re great for small items and fit between the dividers. Small boxes are split into two sections, medium has four, and large boxes are split into six. 

I think it’s great how the Toko drawer organizer can be rearranged; it makes for a really versatile organization piece. Organizers can be as low as $27 (for a drawer that’s 18” deep and 5” wide), and fit a wide range of needs from kitchen tools to arts and crafts! No more dumping items freely in drawers or fussing with organization bins. Toko builds all the sections you need right into the drawer itself, no drilling required!

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