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The $25 Amazon Find That Makes My Meatless Dishes So Much Better

published Jan 6, 2022
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Credit: Ghazalle Badiozamani; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

I’ve always known that my mistakes whenever I make tofu are a) not applying the right amount of pressure, and b) not letting it press long enough. So after making flavorless, soft tofu for over five years, I finally invested in the Tofuture Tofu Press. Until I used this game-changing piece of kitchenware, I never realized how much of a massive difference it would make to have tofu that was actually pressed correctly. I’ve only had it a short time, but I already know that this handy device is going to become one of my most-used cooking tools this year. Whether you’re trying to eat less meat in 2022 or attempting Veganuary for the first time, I can guarantee that this press will help streamline your meal prep. Psst… it’s also on sale right now!

If you’ve ever fashioned a makeshift tofu press in your kitchen, you know what a hassle it can be. You sandwich the block between a cutting board and your heaviest cookware with a dish towel, only to wind up with uneven pressing and water all over the counter. The Tofuture Tofu Press, however, fixes those problems with very little effort on your part. It comes with just three pieces: a bottom compartment to hold the expelled water, an inner container with holes to hold the tofu, and a lid with bands to squeeze the liquid out. With the exception of the silicone bands, each part is made of BPA-free plastic.

What I love most about this press is that I can pop a block of tofu in it in the morning and then leave it in the fridge all day. Because the whole device isn’t much larger than your tofu block, it takes up very little space in the fridge and leaves you with hardly any prep work to do when it’s time to make dinner. Even better: It’s a cinch to handwash when you’re done.

Credit: Erin Cavoto

The first time I used this press was also the first time I successfully made crispy tofu (coincidence? hmm… ). Usually, when I chop tofu and toss it with cornstarch before putting it in the pan, the tofu pieces break apart. However, after pressing my tofu in the Tofuture press for a few hours, the cubes stayed firmly intact, were easy to coat, and browned perfectly in the frying pan. I couldn’t believe it! I mixed a quick sauce to coat the tofu, and it was one of the most stress-free and delicious meals I’d made in weeks.

Credit: Erin Cavoto

More than 5,700 happy customers agree that this unitasker deserves five stars and couldn’t believe they’d waited so long to buy it. “This press is different than all the rest as it [has] a tray that catches all the water. You can put the whole thing in the fridge and it’s hassle free. Take it out the next day and drain the liquid and you’re good to go,” one customer wrote. Another reviewer shared that after three years of use, the Tofuture Tofu Press “still works like a charm. No issues with wear.” 

Credit: Erin Cavoto

While there are plastic-free presses out there, they can easily get quite pricey. At under $30, Tofuture is cheaper than many bamboo presses, as well as an easy way to hone your tofu-making skills — or try them out for the first time. You’d be (ahem) hard-pressed to find a better way to improve your favorite meat-free recipes. 

Buy: Tofuture Tofu Press, $25.15 (normally $28.95)