This Site Will Help You Restock Your Kitchen Tool Drawer for Just $30

(Image credit: Rachel Jacks)

Those little tools, utensils, and gadgets in your kitchen drawer somehow add up to quite a large sum of money. Ten bucks on a pizza cutter here, 12 on a grater there … before you know it, you’re spending hundreds of dollars stocking (or restocking) a single drawer.

Luckily, some companies — like Brandless and Tobox — are hoping to help you change that, selling all sorts of kitchen gear for just $3 a pop. See, these two sites cut out the middlemen (read: stores) by selling their products directly to consumers. They also keep costs low by having little to no advertising budgets. So, we thought we’d do our part to help get the word out about Tobox (we’ve written about Brandless before).

In addition to the $3 tools we mentioned, Tobox also offers budget-friendly small appliances (like this cute toaster for $34), knives, bakeware, storage stuff, and more. We could go on and on about those things, but to prove our original point, we rounded up 10 of the most essential tools for any kitchen gadget drawer.

Again, each one is just $3, so the grand total here would just be a measly $30! Compare that to name brands that you’d find at, say, Bed Bath & Beyond and the total for a similar list would be closer to $150 or beyond.

10 Essentials for Your Kitchen Drawer

A note about quality: You might be worried that “budget-friendly” also means junky, right? Well Tobox offers a 100 percent satisfaction lifetime guarantee. “Our products undergo a rigorous quality check prior to joining our assortment but if you experience any issues, feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue,” the site promises.

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