To Go With Soup: 7 Quicker Flatbreads

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

So you’ve chopped, sautéed, stirred, and simmered — and you’re ready to eat some soup. You don’t really want to spend a lot of time on another side dish or bread, but soup still demands some accompaniment. Personally, I love flatbread with soup — it tends to be quicker to make. Whether it’s pita, socca, or homemade tortillas, flatbreads round out a meal and soak up soup perfectly. Here are seven favorites from the archives.

First, some basic technique. Here’s how to cook flatbread like pita on the stove, instead of in the oven:

Now for the recipes. Some of these are quicker than others, but flatbread tends to make up for a bit of rise time or advance preparation by its quick cooking time. Socca, for instance, needs to be mixed up an hour ahead of time, but then it sizzles in the oven for a scant five minutes.

• 1 Rustic Flatbread with Olive Oil and Sea Salt – A simple flatbread that does require some rise time.
• 2 Chapati – A classic flatbread, chewy and stretchy, and very, very quick to make.
• 3 Socca (Chickpea Pancake) – A quick, easy batter turns into a crispy, gluten-free chickpea pancake — it’s one of my favorite foods. Ever.
• 4 How To Make Scallion Pancakes – A Chinese restaurant favorite, so easy and so good to make at home!
• 5 Easy Homemade Pita Bread – Another recipe that takes some rise time for the dough, but bakes quickly.

• 6 How To Make Perfect Crêpes – Crêpes are a great accompaniment to soup!
• 7 How To Make Flour Tortillas From Scratch – Another quick, last-minute option for flatbread.

Do you have any favorite quick, easy flatbread recipes? Personally, I’m working to master a semolina dosa — hopefully I can share that with you soon!

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