TJ’s Delivery Service: Trader Joe’s Groceries to Your Door

updated May 2, 2019
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Every time we blog about a product from Trader Joe’s, at least one or two readers whine and moan about the fact that there isn’t a Trader Joe’s nearby. We feel your pain (I lived far from Trader Joe’s for many years as well), so we were really intrigued to see this new site pop up: Trader Joe’s Delivery Service. It’ll deliver a selection of TJ’s groceries and other products straight to your door.

TJ’s Delivery Service is not affiliated with Trader Joe’s in any way. (TJ actually stands for “Traffic Jams,” to make it extra-clear.) Presumably the two founders (Bryan and Will, according to the website) shop a local store and ship the products themselves. They offer a broad range of TJ’s products, but only unrefrigerated items. They have soups, baking ingredients, coffees and teas, condiments and other less perishable foods. They also offer household items and toiletries.

The prices seem more or less what Trader Joe’s charges, although I have not checked directly. I stocked a shopping cart with quite a few items, like beans and broth. The total came to about $60. I got a shipping estimate at checkout, and the estimates ranged from relatively low ($19 for standard ground delivery) to quite expensive (nearly $200 for overnight service).

So, is this worth it? Personally, I find this service a little out there; I love Trader Joe’s, and I enjoy many of their products, but they are not unique enough (or cheap enough) to warrant online purchasing and high shipping costs. There are many fun products in the stores, and I enjoy the experience of shopping there, but I think that many of their products have equal or better alternatives at other groceries.

On the other hand, you may feel differently, and perhaps you’ve been craving their tea or their Joe-Joes — if so, then this service may be for you!

What do you think? Would you use TJ’s Delivery Service?

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