5 Surefire (and Easy!) Ways to Clean the Glass on Your Oven Door

updated Jun 11, 2021
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Let me tell you a little secret about the dreaded chore of cleaning your oven: If you want it to appear clean from the outside, you don’t have to really clean the whole interior. Focus all your cleaning energy on getting that oven door pristine and no one (who doesn’t open the door, that is) will ever know the true state of your oven. Definitely finish the rest as soon as you can, but if you want that clean-oven look for less, go for just the door!

Of course, if you go for the whole-oven cleaning job, an oven door that isn’t pristine belies all your efforts. Any way you slice it, how your oven looks at first glance hinges on the condition of your oven glass door. 

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Here are five of our best tips that will help you (easily!) clean that oven door.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

1. Use a Magic Eraser.

A Magic Eraser will lift those grease splatters quickly and easily. You may have to use a little elbow grease to get the most stubborn marks off, but it’s not the same kind of exertion as scrubbing with a regular sponge. With enough passes of the Magic Eraser, your oven door glass will sparkle. 

2. Scrape the door with a dishwasher tablet.

Cleaning the oven door with a dishwasher tablet is different, for sure, but it works really, really well. You’ll need gloves and a dishwasher tablet (the hard kind, not the gel pack). Wet the tablet in a bit of water — enough to soften but not crumble it. Then use the tablet’s edges, gloves on, to scrape the grease off the door. The shape of the tablet and what’s in it melt and lift the grease.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

3. Try a pumice stone.

This cleaning tool made of volcanic rock isn’t super well-known, at least these days. It acts as a heavy-duty scraper and can damage delicate surfaces, but even the most hopeless stuck-on stains (on surfaces that won’t get damaged) are no match for the pumice stone. Similar to how you’d use the dishwasher tablet, wet the pumice stone before using it. As you scrape, shape the stone into a point. This will make the rest of your job easier, essentially giving you an eraser pen to clean up oven door grease. 

4. Use The Pink Stuff.

The Pink Stuff is now famous, thanks to TikTok, and it’s excellent at melting away oven door grease splatters! You simply spread The Pink Stuff on your oven glass, wipe it away, and you’ll enjoy a sparkling-clean surface. 

5. Borrow your drill brush from the garage.

If your oven door needs serious scrubbing and you don’t seem to have enough elbow grease, harnesses the power of a drill fitted with a scrubbing pad. It will do all the hard work for you. 

How do you clean your oven door? Tell us in the comments below!