Resources and Helpful Advice on Installing a Dishwasher

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We have been talking dishwashers during this second week of Kitchen & Bath Month, and we wanted to stop and talk about installation for a minute. Dishwasher installation looks complicated and scary, but with a little good advice it’s something you can do yourself.

Expect to pay at least $100 for a plumber to come and install a dishwasher for you. You can save that cash, though, and install a dishwasher yourself — and if this is a model you’ve picked up cheap or free off Craigslist then you’re getting a really cheap new appliance.

We haven’t installed a dishwasher yet (though hoping to soon!). Here are some resources and good tutorials that we’ve been studying on the topic.

How to Install a Dishwasher – Photo tutorial at This Old House
How to Install a Dishwasher – Video at at This Old House
How to Install a Dishwashe – From Danny Lipford
Installing A New Dishwasher – At Hammer Zone

These all look fairly straightforward: Make sure the opening is large enough, and make sure the ground is level. Hook up power, water, and drain, and slide into place. (More or less. We know how these supposedly “simple” tasks often go!)

Now, these basic instructions don’t cover some specialty models — we’ve heard that premium brands like Miele and Bosch are tricky to install, and let’s not even talk about dishwasher drawers. But if you’ve spent a couple thousand dollars on a high-end model then you are probably going to want to get a plumber anyway.

We’d love your advice, too! Have you ever installed a dishwasher yourself? Was it worth it, or do you wish you had shelled out for a plumber’s expertise? Any tips or things to watch out for?

(Image: Kolin Smith/This Old House)